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1.1 – Duty of care means providing care and support for an individual within the law, also policies and procedures and agreed ways of working but it is about avoiding abuse and injury to the individual, family and friends. Every individual should be supported and enable to live in a safe environment which is free from predududice and abuse, as a carer we should make this happen as best as we can. 1.2 – In your work place you have a duty of care to raise any concerns you may have, these can range from poor working conditions, poor environment and poor practice by other staff. If you don’t raise any concerns you the carer could be considered neglignet or incompetent. It is your duty of care to safeguard the individuals from harm. 2.1 – Sometimes individuals may want to do something which could be a rick to their health and safety. As a carer you have a duty of care to that person and you must do all that you can to keep them safe but you also have to respect the individual rights and choices. It is best to make sure the individual is aware of the consequences of their choices but it is down to the individual to make their own choices even if you disagree.

If the individual insists on doing something that is unsafe too risky to them self’s even though you have warned them of the consequences then seek out help from the manager and document it. If the person lacks the capacity and you are still unsure you should also speak to the manager and document it. 2.2 – If an individual does something that you disagree with you should advise them of any possible problems. As a carer you cannot force them to do what you believe is right but you should take into consideration whether the individual has the capacity to make the decision or if you need to seek advice from the person in charge about the choice the individual has made.

2.3 – You should always get advice and information from the manager when dealing with any type of problems at work. The manager should also tell you who to speak to about any problems when she is not around. 3.1 – Comments and complaints can be made by everyone from individuals and families, carers and friends who feel that there is something that needs to be addressed. Each work place will have a complaints procedure that will explain what to do. Every complaint should

* Be taken seriously and dealt with fully
* Be acknowledged within a certain time
* Have a time limit for investigation
* Be monitored and progress reported to the complainer

The CQC – Care quality commission will also provide details of how to make complaints on their website. 3.2 – The employer will give out clear information about your responsibilities when dealing with a complaint. Some individuals may need an independent advocate to help and support them when making a complaint. Complaints and comments are very important because they will help learn what support certain people may or may not need.

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