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Role of Effective Communication and Interaction in Health and Social Care Contex Essay Sample

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Role of Effective Communication and Interaction in Health and Social Care Contex Essay Sample

•When you are talking to someone you do not know, you must try to keep the conversation simple and create the right kind of feeling and also try not to be to open because people might have the wrong impression of you. •You also have to make the person you are talking to and yourself comfortable and try not to give too much information. •Also make sure that the other person has got their freedom in other words you must give each other space and make sure that both of you are relaxed and do not feel embarrassed. •After both of you have the kind of trust feeling then you go straight to the point, and when you are leaving make sure you leave someone with the right emotions about themselves and you. Group communication

Most of the rules for one to one communication also appear in group communication. How does it feel to be in a group?
Group discussion only work if only people in the group want to get involved. Most of the times people don’t feel comfortable if they have to speak within a formal group of people, sometimes others do not say anything because they are afraid of people’s reactions. It is also good to know that the group has got the right emotional atmosphere. Sometimes people try to make it easier for other people so that everyone will work in a good way with everyone so that the group will maintain the group’s communication so that they won’t be anyone being left out. Is there a group leader?

Most team meetings or classroom discussions have a leader or chairperson. When you have someone leading it is very useful because they will be someone to encourage and express people’s ideas and also help in turns of talking. They also help encourage people to focus on certain tasks within a group. Have you prepared what you are going to say?

Most group communications don’t go well because people speak at the same time.it is also hard to work out who is talking especially when it is in a group than when it is one to one. The skill of taking turns involves pattern. E.g. when someone is about to finish speaking they usually lower their voice tone, slowing their pace of talking and looking around at other people in the group. The next person knows it is their turn by watching the eyes of the other group members. If people fail to notice these patterns then too many people may try to speak at the same time. If everybody is talking at the same time then no one will be listening. Can everybody see each other clearly?

If people sit in a circle then you can see everyone else’s face. This is very important because positive group feeling and successful turn-talking often depend on people being able to understand the message on other people’s faces. If people sit in rows then you won’t be able to see other people’s faces. Bad seating and standing positions can make group communications harder. Informal Communication

Informal communication is used when you know people well e.g. family and friends. Friends and family can use terms that other people won’t understand. Groups of people may also have their own way of speaking. Some people who live in southern England may say ‘Hiya, mate. How’s it goin’? If you belong in the group you can understand what is being said and appreciate. Different groups have different informal language so it can be hard to understand other people’s informal language. Formal Communication

Many jobs often use formal language e.g. business office if you are in a meeting you have to use formal language. Formal communication also shows respect to other people. The degree of formality or informality is called the language register. When you are talking to people you have to be sure with the way you speak. E.g. when someone visits the reception desk and is greeted like what are you up to. This can be fine for other people because they speak that way. Some people might find it rude because they are used to formal language only, they may also think that you are disrespecting them because of informality. This can also teach that when we are talking to people sometimes you have to speak the same way as people for you to really understand yourself and other people. Communication between colleagues

When communicating with people you are close with it is very easy because no matter how you communicate they will always understand you. When you are communicating with people from work it is very different and very important because: •Care workers communicate respect to each other and if you don’t show each other respect you may fail to show respect to care service users. •When talking to workmates you have to show that you value them by asking how they are like ‘how are you’ •You have to remember details from conversations and show that you are a good listener. •You must have trust by demonstrating that you can respect confidentiality of conversation with them. Communication between colleagues can be often informal, it is very important that care workers use skilled communication in order to build trust and respect. Communication between professional people and people using services People like nurses, doctors and midwives often work within their own specialised language community. Language community it is a community of people that has developed their own words, phrase, social expectations and ways of interacting tat set it apart from other groups of people.it is very important that professionals check that they are not being misunderstood. Professionals are usually aware of the need to translate technical language into everyday language when they work with people who use services and people from other professionals. Communication with professional

People who use services communicate with professionals and when they do they is normally a misunderstanding between people from different language communities. When people who use services are communicating they have to check if they are being understood. Care workers also have to check if the people they are talking to are understanding them, they is not meant to be understanding issues.

Multi-agency working
Health and Social Care professionals often have to communicate with colleagues from other organisations. E.g. a care worker might have to talk to a doctor about a patient. It is important not to assume that people from different organisations are going to understand the same terminology. Formal communication is very important because it may help to prevent people from misunderstanding each other (unfamiliar professionals). Multi -professional working

Professionals from different backgrounds often have to work together in order to assess and meet the needs of people who use services. Multi- professional working happens when many different professional work together. Communication will mostly have to be formal and carefully planned in order to avoid communication barriers to understanding. Forms of communication

Text message
They are many forms of communication text messaging is one of them it is mostly used by teenagers, other people also use it. It can also be used in a health and social care setting e.g. when I was at work experience I realised that co-workers were using text message when someone is on another floor it helped them use time wisely because time was being saved. Music

People communicate differently some people have communicate using music e.g. singing Kelly Rolland is a very popular singer known by teenagers she communicates with her best friend Beyoncé by singing and they also reply each other. Singing works for many people because they will be expressing their feelings to other people or explaining their life story. Technology

Since technology is becoming more popular than anything else, most people are now addicted that they use technology to communicate e.g. phones, computers, televisions and radios etc. People use computer’s and phones to communicate using social networks. My friends and I use social networks like face book, twitter and keek. At my work experience they used computers to pass each other information about patients e.g. a patient comes in they send details of the patient to the dentist from the reception. Also if the dentist finishes with the patient he/she will send the report of what they did so that the patient can be charged the right amount of money. Language needs and preference

Braille is a system of reading and writing used by people who are blind or visually impaired. This is a very good way of communicating because people who are blind also need to read and write like we do. In my class Moin a boy from our school who is blind visited us and told us what it feels like to be blind. He explained how he writes he has his computer with a special keyboard. He also told us what he does when he is doing activities like football his football has got jingle bells inside so he can hear were the ball is so that he can play like any other normal child. Me and my best friend Hellen we visited him and he though us how to type in braille this is how you spell my name in braille. For blind people to communicate with written work they need braille.

British Sign Language
They are people who are dump and deaf at the same time. These people need to learn sign language. If they don’t learn sign language they will just not understand what everyone is saying to them and if they were to speak in sign language with no translator it will be hard because we will not be able to know what they are saying. People who use sign language must have a translator to explain what they are saying and what people are saying. If they don’t have a translator it can cause barriers to communication. Interpersonal interaction

It is very important that everyone understands each other when it comes to communication. When you are talking to people you have to know your boundaries e.g. when you are talking to the queen you don’t have to touch her, even if you were talking to people you don’t need to touch them because it will be considered rude. People touch each other when talking if they are very close. Touching can be very inappropriate because some people will find it offensive and call it abuse. You can know if someone is non-verbal because of the way they present themselves when they are talking to you. Their facial expression can be frowning; don’t show sign of interest by not listening not looking at someone when you are talking to them. Eye contact means that you are listening and it also shows respect. Silence can have an advantage and disadvantage because when you are talking and some is in silence that means they are listening, but when you ask someone a question and they don’t answer it mighty mean that they were just looking at you but not listening.

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