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Outcome 1.
1. A working relationship differs from a personal relationship in lots of ways. Firstly working relationships are formal, with policies and procedures put in place to protect everyone involved. They are bound by a contract of employment and have codes of practice that must be adhered to. In a working relationship professionalism and responsibility are foremost in your job role. Other things such as trust, communication and encouragement all apply however these are often built up over time. A personal relationship is informal and often based on emotions, thoughts and feelings. Sharing emotions, offering support and doing things together are all common place in a personal relationship. 2. In the health and social care setting there are different types of working relationships. Care assistants offer care and support to individuals within the guidelines of an agreed care plan set out for them.

Also offering encouragement and ensuring involvement in any decisions made around their care. Communicating with other health professionals when needed to do so is also part of the working relationship. Ward managers working relationships are supportive to health care staff and ensure care is given appropriately and to the standard expected. They have a responsibility to make sure rules are adhered to, encourage the best from their staff and recognise bad practice within the care setting and act on this in the correct manner. The person receiving the care and support is at the heart of these working relationships, as the person centred approach is used in most care settings to enable the best quality of care, addressing everybody’s needs as an individual. Choices and decisions made by the individual are an essential part of workplace relationships.

Outcome 2.
1. It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of your job role, as it sets out the tasks that need to be performed to get your job done correctly. It also defines what is not your responsibility as part of your job role, as well as tasks that you may not be confident with or need training for. It is in effect a contract that sets out your duties expected of you and also to measure your performance within your role. The agreed scope of your role is also to specify what you are aiming to achieve, therefore exhausting this may lead to health and safety issues. Outcome 3.

1. It is important to work in partnership with others to ensure individuals receive the best and safest care possible, making them feel happy and supported as well as cared for. Also to keep my manager informed of any problems or changes in the individual or their well- being. This also helps in any conflict which may arise, making it easier to be resolved in the correct manner. Good communication, explaining my actions, being clear and concise, are all important when working in partnership with others.

3. If conflict does arise there are skills and approaches which can be used to help resolve it. Asking questions calmly, being patient, showing empathy and understanding are all crucial skills which need to be applied in a situation of conflict. Being clear and assertive are important too, whilst being patient and acting respectful at the same time. Letting the individual feel they are being listened to and their views are important.

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