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Management can use research to acquire information that will make an organization more successful. Doing research, formulating plans for research analysis, and then implementing that plan is all done by management team of a business. The type research that is done is largely based on what the data is looking to find out. The most common way to collect data from employees and customers is to conduct surveys. Management teams may conduct employee satisfaction survey and or customer satisfaction surveys to obtain data from real people within the population they deal with most. Management and research work well together when the data is analyzed and used to implement plans that will help the company to prosper.

Role of Management Paper

The fundamental purpose of management is to guide those within an organization towards reaching the professional goals put in place for the company to reach as well as the employees. Employees are hired to assist in accomplishing the goals of a company. Management makes sure that the parameters set in place to will bring forward the best in employees, motivate them towards personal goals as well as the company’s goals, while developing the company into a success (Fowler 2009). Research allows management to discover what areas of the organization need improvement within the company and also from a customer service point of view.

Research and Management Strategies

Management strategies have to be researched prior to implementation in order to specifically pinpoint exactly what areas within an organization need support. Management develops policies based on what is believed to match the objectives of the company (Cooper & Schindler 2011). Research is key as it relates to identifying the areas within the company that needs support. For example, RTE Inc. has been making a very popular blanket for nearly 10 years. RTE Inc. has 30 employees that produce the popular blankets from their factory. RTE Inc. has received several complaint emails about the quality of the blankets diminishing. RTE Inc. used information from the dissatisfied customers to find out what batch the blankets came from, which would reveal what employees made the blankets. In efforts to fix the issue from within RTE Inc. decided to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. In the employee survey, employees were asked questions about their attitude towards the company and the success of the company.

The survey also asked questions about how the employees felt about their current positions and where they saw themselves with the company in then next 2 years. The information RTE Inc. gathered about their employees was shocking to RTE Inc. because they discovered that employee morale was extremely low. Many of the employees thought they might be fired at any moment because they had been with the company for so long and they were getting older. Some employees at RTE Inc. did not think that they would ever receive recognition for all of their hard work. Management at RTE Inc. even learned that some of their employees would ever be promoted with in the company.

All of these issues discovered through simply conducting an employee satisfaction could affect the products produces at RTE Inc. Analyzing data from the employee satisfaction surveys at RTE Inc. will allow management the opportunity to develop and implement strategic plans to change to overall attitude of their employees. RTE Inc.’s management team should be able to examine the data collected and determine what next steps are necessary begin the process of improvement. Being able to identify who produced the blankets that were not satisfactory gives RTE Inc. the opportunity to look at the survey answers of those specific employees and divulge what the main issue is so that it can be corrected.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the fuel behind a productive and prosperous business. Those who patronize an establishment are the reason the business is open in the first place. Management must maintain the satisfaction of its customers in order to keep its doors open. Customers generally give complaints or compliments to businesses that they patronize. Most of the time their experiences are absolutely wonderful or they are absolutely horrible (Cooper & Schindler 2011). Customers may be asked to complete a survey randomly. There is the walk up method that allows any one walking
inside or outside of a business may be approached and asked to complete a survey (Saunders 2012). In many cases customers are offered incentives to complete surveys as a way to make sure that the surveys are completed.

Customers who subscribe to receive emails about a company can be asked through an email to complete a survey. The customer has already agreed to receive email about the company, be it informational or offering discounts, therefore these customers may be likely to complete an electronic survey. Although customers usually turn in really good or really bad customer service complaint or compliment cards (surveys), the information that can be collected from such cards is priceless for any business. Positive surveys can teach a company what they are doing right and what should be expounded upon. If a specific employee always greets customers a certain way and they report that they really enjoyed that greeting perhaps the entire staff could be trained to greet in such a way. If a negative survey is submitted management should address is quickly, however, consider and plan out how to avoid having this negative experience occur again. All customer satisfaction data should be used for analyzing how to improve the customer’s experience.


Management bares a heavy burden concerning implementing and developing successful management strategies for a company. Research gives management the information needed to analyze products and production, evaluate employees, look at the data based on the goals of the organization, and implement the necessary changes. Employees can be surveyed in order to examine a company from the inside first. Management can get a real explanation of why production performance is on the level it is, whether the production is good or not so good.

Companies can also benefit from acquiring data to analyze from their patrons. Customers that are willing to participate in customer satisfaction surveys offer data to management that explains exactly what consumers want, would like to receive, and have not received. It is up to management to assess the data collected from customers and uses it to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then act on them through evaluations and training.

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