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The correct approach to tackling this topic would be to first of define what media is. Once we are aware of what exactly we mean by media in context to this paper we can move ahead and analyze its role in the modern world. For the context of this paper we will be referring to Mass Media as “media”.

The term mass media is used to describe that section of media which has one task and one task only. Reaching out to a very wide audience spread all over the world. The first forms of mass media were the plays that were staged for the benefit of the people before the days of satellites and computers while today the biggest avenue for mass media is the internet. Today mass media can be used to advocate brands via advertising and marketing, spread propaganda about various subjects, help improve the public relations for any organization and also help improve political communication.

Mass media is a powerful tool which has a variety of applications. As mentioned earlier, any company can use mass media to inform people about their existence and also market their goods to a wider clientele (basically computing the attention of the world in one swift move). It is also a too that helps politicians and political candidates in communicating with the public in order to make them aware of their rights and privileges and the benefits of choosing ones own government. However we must not forget that just as mass media has a lot of benefits it also has some ill affects as well.

In some cases our own curiosity about how famous people live their lives has led to an invasion of privacy for them. No matter where they go they are hounded by the media. The irony of the situation is the one that exists with the politicians. Mass media has become even more powerful than the politicians that rule nations because it is with the help of mass media that parties are decided upon to the extent that it also aids the public in choosing what policies are in their best interest and whom to vote for.

On the surface it would seem that the real person ruling, through a matter of opinion, is the media but this is not the only side. It must be understood that media is power and it must be handled with responsibility. We should not continue in a situation where one mans suffering is another mans entertainment.

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