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Role of Women in the Society Essay Sample

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Role of Women in the Society Essay Sample

Would you be surprised if I told you that women are still not able to control their own choices? Still in 2016, women are not considered equal in many societies and in the workplace. Women with the same jobs as men are making less money due to the “Glass Ceiling” and are not considered equal in the modern day workplace. In many countries, women are not given the rights they deserve. They also are discriminated and treated horribly. Women can even face many threats in today’s society, especially when they try to advocate for themselves.

Women with the same jobs as men are limited in their professional advances due to the “Glass Ceiling.” The “Glass Ceiling” is a term that was introduced in 1979 by Katherine Lawrence of Hewlett Packard. It is used to describe the invisible but unbreakable barrier that prevents women from rising to the top of the corporate world, in spite of their qualifications. This Glass Ceiling holds women down and makes it almost impossible to become equal. “Women are held down by their gender” (Van Der Gaag 1). This “Ceiling” only affects women because of their gender and how men perceive women. Activists are trying to get equal pay and more equality but it is only barely cracking the “Glass Ceiling”. When Julia Kollene compared salary figure of men and women, she found that they were not equal. “These figures show that the glass ceiling is barely cracked, let alone broken” (Kollewe 2). There is still much progress needed for women to break through this oppressing force.

Women all over the world are making significantly less money than men. “With the gender pay gap at 14.2%, it falls just five days later than last year” (Kollewe 1). This statistic is showing that women are working the same amount as men but not being paid for five days because of being paid 14.2% less. Other sources found even worse statistics for women. Some women with the same jobs as men make almost one half of what the man makes. “At the same job, women are making $90,000 and men are making $162,500” (Van Der Gaag 1). This is just wrong. A person’s gender should not matter when it comes to job pay. Every gender should make the same amount of money for doing the same job.

If women made equal amounts of money, economic problems around the world would be solved. With women making less money, it makes the economy not perform at its finest. According to Van Der Gaag, “If men and women had equal pay the “GDP” of most countries would rise between 5-34%” (Van Der Gaag 2). If women had equal pay they would have more money to spend, which would help boost different economies. A lot of people in poverty are women. “More than two-thirds of the world\’s population lives in poverty, and women make up 70 percent of this total” (Connolly 45). With equal pay, more women will have more money to support themselves and their families.

Women are not considered equal in the modern day workplace. In today\’s society there are a lot of women in the modern day workplace and many are overlooked and are forced to work very hard. Only some women own their own businesses or companies. “Only 8-10 million women own small businesses” (Van Der Gaag 1). This number is very small compared to the number of women that work and to the amount of small businesses that men own. Women can even tell that there is something wrong in their workplace. “Women are not considered equal in the workplace” (Van Der Gaag 1). We are all humans and we should not be considered unequal due to our gender.

In modern day workplaces, women lack the leadership roles. Van Der Gaag found that there are “very few women in leadership positions” (Van Der Gaag 2). Women deserve to have an equal chance of being a leader as any man. Most women are overlooked and instead, men are given the promotion. Very few women are leaders in big companies. “Of the 500 largest corporations only 23 have a female CEO” (Van Der Gaag 1). Those statistics show that women are not given the equal chance to become leaders in the workplace.

Women still have low chances of getting hired for a lot of jobs. People think that women can only “handle” certain jobs and they discriminate against women candidates. No job is only for one gender; women should be able to choose any job they want and should not be turned down because of their gender. This happens even though there are laws to prevent it. “Despite equal opportunities laws in many countries, women still face a glass ceiling in many professions” (Connolly 1). Gender should not decide what a person can and cannot do. Some women could even perform better than the men but are still not considered for the job. Certain professional areas seem to limit women more. “Banking and law remain male jobs” (Watts 106). These are only two fields that demonstrate sexism and unfairness to women.

Women still face many threats in today\’s society. Women fighting for equal rights are being attacked. It’s sad to say that women are treated worse than men in most countries. While activists try to gain equal rights, people have protested against them. “But even then, activists met stiff resistance from both men and women” (Connolly 70). These women are just trying to obtain rights that they should already have but are being oppressed. At their own meetings for equal rights, women are attacked. “Suffragists were heckled and mocked at meetings” (Connolly 38). Women fighting for their own rights should not be treated like this. The way society looks upon women is wrong and oppressing. Women should be treated with more respect for trying to fight for their rights.

Another way that women are discriminated against is in the lack of proper medical treatment given to them in less developed countries. Some countries give women little to no medical assistance while men are prioritized and given full treatments. As a result, many illnesses have risen in women. “HIV has doubled since 1995 in women” (Anderson 2).

Women should have the same medical plans as men and should not be denied help from a doctor. Women should be able to go to the doctors if something is wrong or if they are sick, but instead they are denied this service. Violence is something that occurs against women in many countries, as stated by Anderson. “Violence against women remains a global epidemic” (Anderson 2). When women are beat and hurt, how can they heal physically and emotionally with no access to hospitals and help? So many lives would be saved if women were given access to hospitals and health care in less developed countries.

Women cannot control their own fertility in some countries. Women are denied information about their own sexuality. This is terrible because women should have full control over their body. But in less developed countries, they are denied any information and are denied basic rights. This has been investigated and stated by the United Nations. “Failure to provide information, services and conditions to help women protect their reproductive health constitutes gender-based discrimination” ( United Nations 4). Women need to have the ability to control their bodies if they want to be considered equal but this is easier said than done. In some countries, women are forced to marry men and have kids at a young age. The United Nations also commented on this and stated that “the ability of women to control their own fertility is fundamental to women’s empowerment and equality” (United Nations 4). Modern day women should not have to fight for the rights to their own bodies. No matter the country, this should be a given gender right.

In today’s modern society, women have to fight just to achieve basic human rights which they should already have as soon as they are born. Women with the same jobs as men are making less money and not advancing as far in their careers due to the “Glass Ceiling”. Women are not considered equal in the modern day workplace. They face many threats in today\’s society and are not always treated equally in society. We are all human. One gender should not have more rights or power over the other.

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