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• The youth learn from past mistakes

With every generation comes a new mistake. Whether it be the leaders of a country, artists, musicians, scientists, politicians or ordinary people, every generation will make mistakes that they are unable to rectify, as it is too late. However, the young people of a society, the next generation, have the luxury of being able to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations, in order to avoid making them, and even to fix them. Although this is a great responsibility, the fact that each generation is more knowledgeable and wiser than the last is also incredibly exciting, as in theory, it means that with every generation that passes, every culture, country and body of people will be more intelligent and more prepared.

• The youth shape the nation’s future

The experiences of the youth will shape and mould them into the adults of the future – hopefully adults that thrive, contribute to society and are responsible, respectable and hard-working. The adults that the youth grow up to be will shape the identity of the nation. As a result, it’s important for adults to encourage and nurture the youth in every way they can, so that the young people of today will grow up into the well-rounded adults of tomorrow.

• The youth vote

Of course, an important role of every young generation is to vote for who they think is right to lead their country toward a better future. And, as I stated earlier, the youth have the benefit of being able to learn from past mistakes, therefore, the political choices – and voices – of every generation should become smarter, sharper and more critical. In theory this will lead us towards a more equal and democratic world.

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