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Roles of Doctors & Nurses Essay Sample

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Roles of Doctors & Nurses Essay Sample

In the essay by Veneta Masson , she as a nurse practitioner she tries in depth not only to compare nurses to doctors but also argues on how the nurse and doctor approach should be incorporated in order for healing to be successful. She states of the many differences between a nurse and a doctor. In these differences she includes the earnings of both parties. I tent to differ from the fallacy used by Ms. Masson in distinguishing the differences in that, different people have different earning based on their racial groups countries due to different levels of technology and development.

For instance, a nurse working in first world country may not earn the same as a doctor in a third world or a developing country. Therefore a doctor and a nurse are still equal. Although the stereotypes on the sex role largely influence the relationship between doctors and nurses, in that female nurses are usually more willing to defer and serve patients unlike male doctors. This could be used as a fallacy to distinguish the two. Another fallacy in Ms. Masson’s essay is in the classification of ill verses a healthy person.

“A person cannot be considered unwell simply because they have received a diagnosis”. Being sick or ill is having a disorder either in structure or in behavior in an animal. Therefore any slight evidence of behavior change or structure in an individual will automatically make them be termed as sick. What varies is the degree of sickness in people or animals. According to this explanation the fallacy stated by the nurse practitioner that sickness diagnosis cannot be used measure sickness. Another approach or fallacy by Ms.

Masson is in the approach of addressing patient’s problems, which she also uses to dissect between her and the doctor. She states that it requires much time in teaching, listening and also counseling. All nurses ought to posses these qualities unlike the doctors whose major tool is the medicine and injections. She states “The difference between medicine and nursing is the difference between a pill and a presence”. This fallacy is very accurate and true, in that a doctor will only require to know what a patient is suffering from through a diagnosis then they will administer the prescribed medicine.

That is why online health facilities are there; to evident that presence is not an essential factor to doctors. Ms. Masson adds “I believe this is true for nurses in general, between technology and teaching. It is the difference between a house call and a home visit. In large part, it is the difference between obstetrics and midwifery”. Ms. Masson brings up another fallacy that “What people are missing in modern medicine is modern nursing. This must not be Put simply, the object of nursing is health.

It follows that the principal function of nurses is healing. ” I am in full agreement with her. Healing cannot come through and vice versa. The care team that is functional in the care facilities require the nurses and doctors plus another health practitioner who is a professional to work for the same goal which is to bring skills together and serve the patients. In most patient cases we realize that science has suppressed simple humanity and common sense, however the modern doctor and a nurse should and must collaborate to bring the best outcomes.

Study and research has also realized that medicine and nursing are intertwined and not dissectible in any form. For instance a nurse practitioner samples patients and had the same conclusion. “And like me and CMC’s patients, the profession realizes that nursing and medicine are inextricably intertwined. In the literature, one reads of the care-cure philosophy of the healing professions according to which nurses’ care and doctors cure. But how can the two be separated, I ask myself? ”

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