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Quality management consists of the “activities and functions involved in determination of quality policy and its implementation through means such as quality planning and quality assurance” (, 2012, para. 1). Recently the quality department has moved from a technical, inspection role to a more supportive and training related role. This requires arranging or preforming quality-related effective training and to assist teams as necessary around the office (Foster, 2007). Stakeholders are made up of, “a person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization” (, 2012, para. 1). Using this definition one can determine that all people from the customer to a member of the board of the directors is a stakeholder of the organization. (2012) goes on to list several examples of stakeholders: creditors, directors, employees, government agencies, owners, suppliers, unions even the community in which the business is located. Implementing Quality Management Processes

It is important to note that not all stakeholders are equal, especially when it comes to implementing a quality management process. Customers and the community are considered to be stakeholders but are only entitled to fair trading practices by the company, there for have no roles in implementing a quality management process. Creditors, government agencies, and suppliers only have roles as far as their rules impact the organization. For example government agencies are an important part of the quality management process at BDP International. When a government agency updates its rules or changes how it will accept the information BDP International has to change its processes to ensure that it meets all government regulations for their customers. This also includes training the proper employees in the new process. Evonik Degussa is affected similarly. For Evonik government agencies directives are either discovered by their customs teams and then the proper teams are notified of the new regulations or Evonik finds out from their customs broker BDP International makes them aware as necessary.

For example when United States Customs and Border Protection determined that they were going to start randomly checking import documents for the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Number, BDP began checking Evonik’s Commercial Invoices and supporting documents for the appropriate numbers. Any document where the information was needed and was not found was sent back to Evonik for an update. Employees, owners, and directors, are able to implement quality management processes. These stake holders know what is currently happening in the organization are able to identify what needs to change to achieve the desired results. Directors are often in the position to know who delegate the responsibility of training for a particular quality process.

Owners will know which of their directors or main managers need to obtain the appropriate information for the quality management training to be determined and acted upon. Employees are in the best position to determine who in their tam or department are best qualified to teach a particular training. For example if BDP had to do FDA training at their York, PA office the import team supervisor would be in the best position to do this training as she has the most experience with this particular field. If training was needed on the ultimate consignee, the final delivery address for the material, the import manager would have provided this training as he had more experience with it then the supervisor or the team leader. Conclusion

Knowing a stakeholders strengths is just as important as knowing how they fit into the quality management process. Quality management involves activities and functions that assist in keeping the quality at a certain level. Companies like BDP International and Evonik Degussa, who rely on one another to have their own quality management processes put safeguards in place to catch issues that could harm them as well.


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