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Roman Essays


Epistle to the Romans

Introduction Paul’s Epistle to the Romans has always stood at the head among the epistles in the New Testament canon, and rightly so. Since Acts ends with Paul’s arrival in Rome, it is fitting and logical to have the Epistle

Roman Emperor Elagabalus Amor Diaz

Monroe College Roman Emperor Elagabalus When we think about Rome the first thing that usually comes to mind is gladiators, power, emperor and many stories that fascinates us but when you do research in to it you will find that

Isn’t Everyone Just a Little Bit Crazy?

In the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, Randal McMurphy is convicted of a crime. He is sentenced to a prison labor farm to work off his crimes. In an act of desperation, he pleads insanity

Changes and Continuities During the Aztec Empire

Between 100 C.E. and 600 C.E. Rome went through many cultural and political changes, such as the split of the region into eastern and western halves and the rise of Christianity. However, despite these changes, the Roman Empire was able

Intolerance Of Romans Against Christianity

The Roman Empire and the Non-Roman Religions According to the politician and public speaker, Cicero, the Romans had excelled all other people in the distinctive wisdom, which made them discern that everything is subordinate to the rule and direction of

Aeneas’ Pietas Case

            In ancient Roman civilization, Pietas was the Goddess of duty to one’s state, gods and family.  As a virtue celebrated by the Romans, pietas (or piety) is often translated to mean duty or honor.  Romans held many beliefs that

National Monarchies and the Holy Roman Empire

            Two of the major governmental powers in the High Middle Ages were the national monarchies of the Western Europe countries and the Holy Roman Empire in the middle European state, especially Germany.  Understand the differences and similarities of these

Roman Catholic Teachings in Global Solidarity and Development

            Roman Catholic has been at the forefront of helping communities move from destitution to better living. Other than dealing with spiritual matters, the Church has been collaborating with other denominations, government and independent institutions. Concurrent sections of this paper

Roman Historiography

Roman historiography and its form originated from the Greeks during the time of invasion, however, historians depicting Roman history has modified it and changed it into something unique to Roman culture and lifestyle. Specific characteristics are its allegiance to the

The Hellenistic World and the Romans

            In both Greece and Rome, sculpting was considered a highly respected art form.  While paintings, murals, and other art forms may have been lost to history, along with architecture, sculptures most often stood the test of time, save for

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