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Prepare a complete sentence, formal outline for your Biography speech and save it as a Word document. You will turn the outline in through the Turnitin system. The link for Turnitin is given below these instructions.

Look at the sample outline, located in a separate link, for an example of how your outline should look. Outlining is also covered in Chapter 9.

Your outline should contain the following:

1. Outline the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion separately.

2. Make sure your outline has all the sections mentioned below. See the sample outline under the assignment link to see how the outline should look.

3. At the top of the outline, give:
–Your name
–Specific purpose

4. The Introduction should have three Roman numerals, one for each part in the Introduction. (Attention statement, credibility statement, and preview of main points)

I. Get attention & involve audience with topic
II. Establish your credibility on the topic — tell what research and experience you have with the topic III.Preview your main points and thesis statement — Tell audience what each of your main points will cover

Each point should be written in complete sentences.

5. The Body should have two to five Roman numerals, one for each main point, with subpoints. Each main point should have at least two subpoints.Each main point and subpoint should be in complete sentences. After each main point, you should include a transition sentence to connect to the next main point. For a biographical speech, we usually use chronological format to cover the person’s childhood, education, career, and what they are doing now or when they died.

6. The Conclusion should have two Roman numerals: (see Chapter 9) I. Summarize your main points — repeat your main points
II. End with a strong closing statement.
Each of these should be in a complete sentence.

7. At the end of your outline, you should put a complete Bibliography of the sources used in the speech.

8. Two resources are required from books, magazines, or newspapers, including online database articles found on the library’s database collection such as EBSCOhost, Wilson Biographies or MELO articles.

Use MLA form for your bibliography to cite your sources. You can find the correct form under Course Documents, “Correct Form for Citing References.” You can also find a link to correct MLA form under the Resources button.

9. Type your outline in the correct format and save it as a Microsoft Word document. (Other formats won’t open on my computer.) Use “Biography Outline” as the file name.

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