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Romeo and Juliet was written about 400 years ago. Although it is old, Romeo and Juliet is still relevant and important to peoples’ lives. The themes used in it are the themes that people enjoy, Shakespeare invented a lot of words people use today, and good for education. Romeo and Juliet is still a great play, still has a impact and entertain contemporary audience.

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many themes. Love, rivalry, arguing with parents, friendship, and fate and destiny. These themes are used today, too. For example, love. Love is the main theme in Romeo and Juliet. Nowadays, love is what most of the stories contain. It can be said that love is the most entertaining theme for the audience. Romeo and Juliet is a master piece and a role modle of love for any other story today. Also a rivalry. The Caplets and the Montague have a conflict. Don’t most of the story contain rivalry today too? This theme can bring great excitement for audience. The idea of fate and destiny. Not only Romeo and Juliet, but all of the citizens in Verona believe that everything happens for a reason, which is fate. Romeo and Juliet was meant to be together, as it explains in the Prologue, line 5, ‘A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,’ People nowadays still believe in horoscopes and the great power which we cannot do anything about it. Those themes in Romeo and Juliet are still relevant today, so why not romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is relevant today.

Romeo and Juliet had a great impact on our lives, and still has. Shakespeare, who wrote Romeo and Juliet invented a lot of words which we still use. Shakespeare invented about 1700 words that we use. For example, amazement, critic, and generous. Also phrases, like ‘knock knock! who’s there’. From Romeo and Juliet, there is ‘star-crossed lovers.’ from Prologue. Shakespeare invented a lot of words, that we use. This is a evidence that Romeo and Juliet, and Shakespeare had a lot of impact on people.

It is always good to learn about what people call great like Romeo and Juliet, and it still has an impact among people. Most of the people know what Romeo and Juliet is about and who Shakespeare is. ‘O’ Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?’, this is a very famous quote from Act 2, Scene 2 line 33. Most of the people know or have heard this quote before and this is an evidence that Romeo and Juliet is popular and involves in peoples’ lives. If it is not an interesting play then nobody would know about this play. It was made into movie several times. Many of the story or movie nowadays has referred Romeo and Juliet. This is also an evidence that Romeo and Juliet has a impact on our lives today too. Romeo and Juliet has been popular for a long time. This is another evidence that people thought it is great, that has something that catches peoples’ heart. Learning about what made Romeo and Juliet so good is wonderful for education. Romeo and Juliet still has a great impact on peoples’ lives. The themes are relevant, Shakespeare had invented a lot of words and phrases, also in Romeo and Juliet, and great for education. These point proves that Romeo and Juliet it relevant today.

Romeo and Juliet is about 400 years old but it is still relevant and entertain people by their tragic story. Romeo and Juliet will be relevant in the future too, because of the same three reasons. Romeo and Juliet had such a huge impact so that it will be a popular story forever.

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