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Rose For Emily Essay Sample

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Rose For Emily Essay Sample

Thesis Poor Emily withered away just like a rose she blooms into a beautiful woman but like the rose she is unable to retain the beauty and eventually dies. Emily life was a very hard life that contributed to her psychological disaster. Her brain loses brain cells and the rose loses petals. They both live a hard life and Emily bloomed when she killed Homer by having something she has always wanted. The rose blooms when it is the most vibrant color of its life cycle. They both die but when the time comes they actually wanted to die to get rid of all the pain.


Emily was the talk of the town; everything she did was put into the gossip circle. She might have been disclosed if she would have communicated with the town. Her life was always being talked about and the whole town knew what she was thinking when she was outside but the minute she stepped inside she was only the person being speculated about. From the time of he fathers death to the time of her death she was the only person held on a throne so that people would have someone always to talk about. She was insane but her love for Homer was real and the town realized that. I think her father also realized that she was insane but it can be only speculated. Her father and maybe her great aunt Wyatt because everyone knew that her aunt was crazy but maybe the town thought it might have skipped a generation.


Her father’s death meant that Miss Emily’s unrevealed secret was brought in the grave. It is well know that insanity is a hereditary disposition, and Miss Emily’s great-aunt, lady Wyatt, had “gone absolutely crazy” (1). The “patrimony of a man” destroys Emily as her father smothers her with his over protectiveness. He prevents her from courting anyone, as “none of the younger men were quite good enough for Miss Emily and such (2).

The first indicators of Miss Emily’s insanity occur in connection with her father’s death. When the people came to offer their condolences and prayer, she acts like nothing has happened (3). She kept his body for three days. With the ministers calling her, and the doctors, trying to persuade her to them dispose of the body. Just as they were about to resort to law and force she broke down, and they buried her father quickly (4).

Miss Emily was sick for a long time and when the towns people saw her, her hair was short, making her look a like a girl with a vague resemblance to those angels in colored church windows ” sort of tragic a serene (4). Miss Emily met a man named “Homer Barron, a Yankee ” a big, dark ready man with a big voice and eyes lighter than his face (4). Emily loved Homer but unfortunately Homer Baron who “liked men” and was not a marrying man (2). Despite his fondness for men, Emily was determined to have her man.

” I want some poison,” she said to the druggists (4). The reader at this poison supposed to feel what is about to happen is about to happen. When the druggist asks what she will use if for she refuses to answer him and he still gives her the Arsenic. We the reader fells that she will herself and we said it would the best thing (4). Days latter the town had found out that Miss Emily had been to the jeweler’s and ordered a man’s toilet set in silver, with the letters H.B. on each piece. Then they learned that she had bought a complete outfit for men’s clothing, including a nightshirt, and we all said, “They are married” (4).

Emily had vanished for some time and when the town saw Emily again she grown fat and her hair was turning gray. During the next few years it grew grayer and grayer until it attained an even pepper ” and ” slat iron gray, when it ceased turning (4). The town was there trying to collect taxes from Emily that Colonial Sartoris had made up “an involved tale to the effect that Miss Emily’s father had loaned money to the town, which the town as a matter of business proffered this a way repaying. The Alderman wanted her to pay taxes but she looked right at them and said “See Colonel Sartoris” (Colonel Sartoris had been dead almost ten years.) “I have no taxes in Jefferson (4).” Soon after this encounter the psychologically disturbed women (Emily) had passed away. The whole town went to her funeral and the whole town was there when they opened the door to her house. The room needed to see the old the women’s home to know how disturbed she really was. I don’t think anything could have prepared them for what they found.

When they entered her house for the first time in forty years, they found a bridal tomb; a tarnished toiletry set, a neatly pressed suit, and a rotten Homer Baron clad in the nightshirt wearing a “Profound and fleshless grin (2). As they looked more closely at the withered dead body lying in a bed for town where the pillow beside him had an indentation of a head, in which they also found one of Miss Emily’s gray hair strands must have silenced their gossiping mouths.

The tons people gossiping mouths never affected Emily other than to push the story along. The voice of “our town” identifies Emily as a tradition, a duty and a care (5).

The people in the Southern small town where the story takes place puts Emily on a throne (5). They almost worship ship her, because it’s the only person they love to talk about.

The ladies would complain about a Negro man taking care of a kitchen they even complained to a judge saying “Just as if a man ” any man could keep a kitchen properly. So they were not surprised when the smell developed (4). The town’s people were so annoyed by the smell and since Emily refused to do something about it the town sent four men at midnight and crossed Miss Emily’s lawn and slunk about the house like burglars. They broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime there, and in all the outbuildings and after a week or two the smell went away.

Like the smell leaves is like what happened to her father. The town had a hard convincing her to give them his body but when the body was finally taken away form the house the towns people did not say she was crazy. They believed that she had to do that (4). Then the town remembers how her father used to drive away then interested in Emily as if the town is able to know everything about Emily except what is in her House.

Of course they found Homer dead in Emily’s room but the town could have been able to figure if out with the major hints that Emily presented to them. The first hint was the arsenic that she had purchased from the druggist. The druggist looks down at her. She looked back at him, erect, with face like a strained flag. “Why, of course,” the druggist said. “If that’s what you want. But the law requires you tell what you are going to use it for.” She just stared at him for some reason he gives it to (4). The town says it could be the best for her like they know what should happen to her as if it is a child they are watching over but just neglecting her.

That was the first hint to make the reader believe that was also the best thing for her but later the hints got even more valuable. The town learned that Miss Emily had been to the jeweler’s and ordered a man’ toilet set in silver, with the letter H.B. on each piece. Two days later they learned that she had bought a complete outfit of men’s clothing including a nightshirt, and they said, “They are married.” The town was really glad (4).

Those are some big hints that Miss Emily has killed Homer but for some reason everyone who reads this story always looks beyond that and continually sees here killing herself rather than Homer being murdered by the person that loves him the most.

Conclusion Even though she loved him and the town loved her everyone was particularly retarded to what was going on in Miss Emily’s disturbed head, the town had a very limited look into her life; the only view was when she was outside. If they would have looked at all the evidence with Homer’s bathroom set and how they both completely vanished off the face of the earth it should have made them investigate the matter further but no the town only wanted Emily to gossip about not to help. In the end though she was able to get the last laugh because she had everything she had ever wanted love, freedom, and pure happiness sort of like a rose.

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