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Run Lola Run film analysis Essay Sample

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Run Lola Run film analysis Essay Sample

So recently in class, we were forced to watch Run Lola run by Tom Tykwer. It did turn out to be a very diverse film which incorporated an array of distinctly visual techniques, and themes through the film. is an intense, fast-paced action film with many implications. Through the practical use of different forms of optical technologies, the meaning is shaped to create distinctively visual images.

Language is used by composers to communicate experiences vital to them as they reflect the unique experiences of individuals by arousing the senses through visuals, ultimately painting a picture for the responder. This allows the viewer to journey through their imagination and connect to the composers constructed the world. Distinctive visual display life into texts. Tom Tykwer has created a visual masterpiece through the use of optical techniques ultimately displaying the notion of love and time through sharp visuals. He was able to connect with the responders emotionally to appreciate their visual masterpieces and explore the themes of love, time, chance, fate, choice, and consequence.

It is not a film that you would go and watch at the cinemas. However, it is by far one of the different foreign movies I have attended. At the beginning of the film two quotes are shown; “We shall not cease from exploration at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive at where we started and know the place for the first time” – T.S Elliot. This first quote is a statement about time and “After the game is before the game”- S. Herberger is a philosophical statement about what a game is. These two statements together arose an idea and an essential concept of the movie that life in itself is like a game. Tykwer conveys this concept in the film through the themes mentioned before (love, time, chance, fate, choice, and consequence on screen)

Tykwer explores the concept that love has the ability to influences a person choices. It conveys a message and shows how relationships shape meaning and are revealed through the use of the symbolic motif of the color red. The color red has many connotations and meanings to it such as danger, warning, passion, and love. Through the film, red showed throughout, the color of Lola’s phone, the red bag full of money, the red Ambulance, the red wash scenes. In the first and second run and of course Lola’s bright red hair which visually shows Lola is in control has the power and has a purpose while being a constant reminder for her love and passion for Manni, why also showing the danger she puts herself in to keep her love alive.

Anything red in the film becomes the salient image due to its deliberate bright red colour which draws our attention and becomes the first subject that we as viewer see when looking at a picture, this gains our attention and the object is then linked to the connotations about the colour red for example a red ambulance could mean danger as it crashes through the glass in the film and carries ill people or the red telephone which is Lola’s source of wrong information from Manni. The use of a split screen within the documentary visually connects Lola and Manni by placing the two side by side; reinforcing that these two are a pair emotionally and physically. This split screen reveals how reliant they are on each other as manni needs Lola to save him and Lola cannot imagine life without many.

A medium shot is used here it shows the protagonist Lola desperately begging and pleading man to wait for her. Lola and Manni need each other to survive, and without each other they have nothing.

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