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Running head: Right or Wrong Essay Sample

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Running head: Right or Wrong Essay Sample

Even though you can tell when something wrong is done because there are consequences for making or performing the wrong choice or action, there are things in life that are wrong and things that are right because if a person does something wrong they feel guilty about it, all of us should always try to do things the right way but if possible to try to be honest with all of our actions, and according to God and the Bible, there are right and correct truths and actions we should follow.

First, there are things in life that are wrong things and things that are right because if a person does something wrong they will feel guilty about it. Have you ever, as a kid, went into a store and taken just a piece of candy? Most of us have and once you stepped out of the store, even though you got that delicious piece of candy, knew there was something wrong about it. We knew what we just did by taking the candy was not right but continued with taking it. That feeling is known as our guilty conscience and all of us have it. Our conscience told us that stealing that candy was absolutely wrong but we continued anyway.

Additionally, all of us should try to do things the right way but if possible to try to be honest with all of our actions. We are humans. Humans are not perfect and therefore we will make mistakes. When it comes to making mistakes on purpose, or doing the wrong things, that is where we are wrong. If we all went around driving on the wrong side of the road, there would be a lot of deaths and tickets issued and worse, a lot of us in jail. That is why there are morals to live by instead of just being let to roam freely. Finally, the most important reason there are things in life that are wrong and things that Running head: Right or Wrong 3

are right is according to God and the Bible, there are truths and ways we should follow. For those of us who believe in God and the Bible, we know that the Bible is very similar to an instruction manual. It basically instructs of how to live or to how to try to live our lives. It tells us that we will make wrong choices and take the wrong actions but there are ways of asking God for forgiveness, and then there are ways to correct our actions and make the right choices. God knew when He made us that we would sin and that there would be temptation to plenty to wrongs for us, but as a God-believing Christian, if I follow the Bible then I am more likely to make morally correct choices and actions rather than wrong actions and choices.

Indeed, while you can tell when something wrong is done because there are consequences and the guilty conscience for making or performing the wrong choice, there are things in life that are wrong and things that are right. That is how the world works, but we must always try to make the morally right choices.

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