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Moscow is the largest and most important industrial center in Russia, one of the largest city economies in Europe which comprises approximately 22% of Russian GDP. Moscow has the lowest unemployment rate of all federal subjects in Russia standing at just 1% in 2010. I have chosen this country because its external environment is suitable for me. Business customs, workforce characteristics and Political climate are considered attractive for an expatriate willing to work overseas.


1)Weak language skills
2)Adjusting to environment and Intercultural understanding
3)Employee Retention

For non English speaking country proper language skills are required. Russian language is popular nowadays but there are no constant personnel training programs for expatriates in foreign countries.

Knowing and understanding new culture and new environment is often not easy for a manager used to work with different people and attitudes. Employee retention refers to the ability for an organization to retain its employees after the assignment is completed. In a business setting, the goal of employers is usually to decrease employee turnover, thereby decreasing training costs, recruitment costs and loss of talent and organizational knowledge.


1)Gather information and experience in one of the top worldwide markets 2)Salary
3)Vary according to the perceived hardship that the host culture causes

After the assignment is completed expatriate returns to the host country gathered new multicultural working experience in a foreign country which will have a great impact in future


1)Language Training and Intercultural Training
2)Family/ spouse / Children’s schooling
3)Security measures and Health Care
4)Transportation / Car Rental
5)Research about the specific industry in Moscow
6)Preparing the host country personnel who will be working with expatriate

Long Term Assignment 5+ years

For long term assignment the manager must get proper preparation in order to get the motivation to live and work overseas. Language training of the host country is very important aid for dealing with international business challenges. Also LTA expats must gather all necessary information about working conditions, about the way businesses are treated, transportation, insurance, house rental, child care and generally the costs for living in Moscow.

Issues regarding spouse’s career are most frequently reason for turning down and international assignment. Organization should be involved in career assistance for expatriate spouses.

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