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800,000 people died in the Rwandan Genocide. Since it lasted 100 days, about 8,000 people died every day. Due to the efforts of an upstander, that number could have been higher. 1 upstander from the genocide is the Red Cross. They are brave and kind. I can compare the Red Cross to only one person, Greg Mortenson. Here are some similarities and differences from both upstanders.

To start off, who is Greg Mortenson? He is a person who sold everything he owned to help build schools in Pakistan. He also devoted all of his time in those few and obtained a job for doing so. I can easily find similarities between him and the Red Cross. For instance, both had the bravery to enter at their own risk. The Red Cross members die and almost die because of going to Rwanda. Greg Mortenson sold everything he owned just to go over there and build a school. Similarly, they are both kind. Greg and the Red Cross both wanted to help their cause to help man- kind. Another example of their similarities is that they helped in places that had no sentimental value to them. Why should they care about the cause? It’s not like not helping will kill them, right? The Red Cross and Greg Mortenson stuck their noses into someone else’s business in order to help. It cost a lot of money to this. In conclusion, the Red Cross and Greg Mortenson have many similarities.

Likewise, they both have their differences. For example, they were helping two different causes. The Red Cross helped the wounded and Greg Mortenson builds schools to spread education. In fact, when Greg was just starting to help build schools in Pakistan, he was only one person. The Red Cross is a group of people, so they can support each other. Finally, Greg was helping out only Pakistan cities, while the Red Cross has assisted many countries. To sum up, Greg Mortenson and the Red Cross also have their differences.

Unquestionably, these two are great upstanders. Although they have their similarities and differences, they both only have one goal: To help the world. People that would want to do that are very hard to find. Undoubtedly, Greg Mortenson and the Red Cross are very thoughtful and valiant.

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