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S.I.P Mercurial Cabbage Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

How to identify the acidity or alkalinity of solutions using cabbage?

The Mercurial Cabbage

We searched on the internet and came across this piece. It seemed like a cool experiment at a glance but as we read through we found it helpful. We decided to add this on our list of proposals. We were also curious and wanted to know the acidity and alkalinity of certain liquids since this is like an acidity or alkalinity indicator. This study can help many people, the ones that need or want to verify acidity levels. With this experiment, students can make some chemistry projects easier that involve pointing out the acidity or alkalinity of many substances and it is a bit easy to do, plus the materials can be found on our kitchens.

1. Cabbage
2. Boiling pot of water
3. Strainer
4. Small white Dixie cups
5. Medicine dropper
6. A series of household items to test the pH of: – Fruit juice: lemon, lime, orange, apple – Soda pop
– Vinegar
– Baking soda solution
– cleaning products

1. Grate a s

mall red cabbage and place the pieces into a glass bowl. 2. Pour boiling water into the bowl to just

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cover the cabbages. 3. Leave the cabbage mixture steeping until the liquid is room temperature. The liquid should be red in color.

4. Place a strainer over a collection bowl and pour the mixture through the strainer to remove the pieces of cabbage.
5. Now you should have a clear liquid that would either be purple or blue in color. The color of the liquid will change depending upon the pH. 6. Set aside you indicator solution, you will use it as your “stock” solutions as your experiments.

7. Test various household solutions with your indicator. It will be important to use separate containers for each household solution. Use a Dixie cup for each solution you want to test. 8. Fill about a half of the Dixie cup with your cabbage indicator solution. 9. Add drops of a liquid you want to test until you see the solution change in color.


To be honest, this one will have a fair importance to the crowd since there are other ways of determining a substance’s acidity or alkalinity level and it’s not all the time that a person would want or need to know the acidity and alkalinity level of a liquid. But then again this can pretty much benefit students, as we have previously stated. Not just students but also some curious people.

3| Saturday| 1:00-2:00 pm| Gather information|
10| Saturday| 1:00-2:00 pm| Discussing the materials|
24| Saturday| 1:00-3:00 pm| The making|
31| Saturday| 1:00-2:00 pm| Observing results|

* Cabbage 25
* Calamansi 15
* Vinegar 10
* Sparkle 10
* Orange 10
* Baking soda 30
= Php 100.00/ 7 members
= Php 15.00 per member


Itao, Fleur Deanne S.
Castillanes, Virla Jeaeve
Napuli, Vianneylee A.
Nacionales, Edrenz M.
Quijada, Nerissa Lyn
Sellote, Jason R.
dela Calzada, Ryan A.

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