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Saber Rattling is Used as a Technique of Vexing Others in World War I Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Immense population, technical weapon advanced machines, billions of expenditure, expanded territory, pride of conquering, but also piles after piles of bloody corps. Wars had brought forth the world today. None of the battle is worthless, it existed everywhere. Distributing from small ones such as fights between me and my brother, to those involve thousands even millions of corpse. World War I had been, through out history, one of the largest war existed on the planet. A single assassination seems tiny, but not one is killed, millions and millions are buried with the deceased. The menace wasn’t so much from the little assassination. However, it kindled the origin deep within the German’s mind, the Schlieffen plan. The plan implicated most of Europe because of the alliance system which made it deadly. The advanced machine and weapon did honorable job in land, air, and sea, but it also became one of the basis for the cruelty in the war. These two substantial reasons made the war so destructive and durable. If the war involved only two country, the duration and destruction would dwindle.

Jealousy is one sense that a human must-have. Not only does it exist in human being but also in an “artificial” war. In world war one these major empires have great jealousy among themselves. Example in 1914, tension arose among the Germans and British. The jealousy over British’s political and economical power made German’s eyes red. The pieces of jealousy will eventually begin to gather and build up as to a point of war. Once it is build up, the evolution will continue to move into the next stage where only a cause is necessary for the burst of destruction. Meaning one cause, even nonsense, will trigger the situation to its worst place to having a war. Thus the country will start to perturb and agitate. Saber rattling is used as a technique of vexing others in World War I, also used between countries to get what they wanted. The technique should weight great as one of the cause for the war. Not only in WWI, but in any war, anytime.

The head rattler is placed first by the Germans. They had always wished to have equalization among the British in both economy and politics. The trigger awaits.

Right at late June of 1914, the Archduke Ferdinand went for a stroll in a city of Serbia. Archduke went without forethoughts for the Black Hand gang which is set to have a special occasion with himself. The first attack in the assembly had failed, one of the gang members threw a bomb at the ride of Archduke but bounced back by the stroke of archduke. Although the state ended in comedy, the gang did not die off. Archduke went pass a bar when going towards the hospital to visit the injured, there stands Gavrilo Princip with a gun in his hand. Sound of the gun-blast ring through the sky, with the archduke dead in his motorcar. Austria became furious at the news of Archduke’s death. Wanting a payback, Austria threatened Serbia from mobilizing. Beneath the table, Ge

rmany and Austria had already standing Serbia as a foe. For a long time the trigger finally arrived.

Germany, not slipping the opportunity, rattled Austria in the use of Schlieffen Plan. Serbia, being menaced, asked for help from its long time comrade Russia. From this point, across Europe, major countries mobilized as well. Germany, Austria, Ottoman, British, France, Serbia, and Russia, all mobilized into war condition.

The war began plotting in major fields. The western front took role for most death and destruction in WWI. When you think of west it is cowboys and horses, same here, the land is wild and wide. Germans and British took longest term in this field of hell. Trenches are one of the most important architecture invented to fight against opponents. It is used as both defensive and offensive. Soldiers dug hundreds of trenches and stretched it from side to side. The trenches are made up of 3 defensive lines, the front, the back, and the back, making it triple hard to break through. Between lies the noman’s land, it is so called because no men is ever going towards that area. The area is right between the trenches which make it the place to be attacked by both sides.

The deadliest inventions is not only the trenches. Machine guns are set in points and it is scattered around the perimeter. Thus, the counter army, have no way to get through the trenches and never mind the German’s camp. Lingered by the Germans, British came up with a new counter weapon, the gas bomb. The gas bombs consist of several kinds. Yellow gas, smoke bomb, mustard gas, etc. are all within the British army bags. The gas generally blinds the opponents, sometimes even cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and often death. German, scared at the fact of gas bombs present, set cages of birds in the front of the trenches. When the gas bombs went off near the bird, it faints which is the signal to put on gas masks. Another way of breaking the trenches is storm trooper. Storm troopers are highly trained soldiers that for storming the trenches by sneaking up or sniping the Germans. The strategy is good in a way that it is fast and clean, leaving no extra bundles to care. British even set out tanks to crush through the trenches, but tanks are way slower and heavier than the storm trooper. The war don’t end her on land yet, it continues to the up and down.

Not only did the army did great, the air force and navy also contributed to the war. In the wide sea, British had absolute power over traffic with in the water. This what’s so called British dominion is being questioned by the rush of Germans. The German nautical units are weaker than those of British, but they used their brain instead of thoughts of obvious winning. They not only duplicated the dreadnaughts, British’s secret weapon for roaming the sea, they also found the weakness of the dreadnaughts. The ship had an open spot at the head of the giant gun and it can blow up once hit. The Germans also invented the submarine, launching torpedoes at the target until it sinks. Sadly, invention like radar and sonar didn’t let the Germans get their way in deep sea.

When the water is splashing, the air wasn’t so lonely. Planes used as a spy were seen in every corner of the battle field. But when the sky became crowded, it is time to clear the road. Soldiers started to carry rifles and hand guns to shot down the wing, impeding further flight. The planes begin to evolve from carry-on rifles to built-in machine guns, but even bigger. In about middle of the 4 year war, Zepplin was invented for larger mass, and a greater capacity. It is held responsible for most of the high-alt bombing. With ease, the Zepplins reach the height way far than normal planes, making it almost impossible to be shot down. The air made a drastic change in the war.

In 1917, the war was declining. Tired of the war games, Russia decides to leave the war that struck for 3 years sum. One telegram made a difference. The Zimmerman Telegram forced the Americans to face the challenge that had been on the table for quite a while. The United States decided to enter the war. This created a great turning point for the war. By this time German is racing to defeat or at least hold off all other countries. They know the Americans are a big threat to their success because of the armies and it’s technology.

Last the allies won the big game. Germans are forced to sign the treaty of Versaille. The treaty included reparation charges for France and British. The treaty also has the right to arrest German and restricted further expansion of its army.

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