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Introduction of TOPIC

• Purpose

Know your purpose before meeting your audience. You need to determine both your general purposes and your specific purpose before you give your business presentation.

• Audience

Learn about your audience prior to delivering your business presentation. You need to discover:

• How much your audience knows about your topic

• What your audience thinks and feels about it

• What your audience’s concerns or questions might be upon hearing your presentation

• Structure

Choose a dynamic structure for your business presentation. Provide your audience with a clear, direct summary of your presentation at the beginning, and then conclude your presentation with another summary and a call of action.

• Delivery

Rehearse and refine the delivery of your business presentation. Prior to the day of your presentation, practice it and the delivery of techniques that you plan to use.

10 Key Factors to Presentation Success

• Easy to understand – this simply means the content that is being displayed on the screen or in a handout is in simple vocabulary and laid out in a way that makes sense to virtually any casual observer.

• Logical Flow – the presentation should work in a sequential approach, with each section logically leading into the next section. When a presentation is laid-out in a way that is easy to follow , it is much more effective for everyone.

• Concise – this technique forces you to remove extraneous items from your presentation and encourage you to be efficient. Too much information gets confusing and boring and will generally cause anxiety among the audience.

• Powerful Opening – a powerful opening captures your listener’s attention ad sets the stage for the rest of the presentation.

• Visually Appealing – Being visually appealing helps keep the interest of the audience, and pictures, short videos, colors, and graphics all play an important role. The constant movement of new and different images and colors keeps the audience focused on the screen, thereby increasing their attention span and interest levels.

• Summary – The summary can be a powerful reminder for the audience and is a

key attribute of an effective business presentation. While you are presenting the summary, watch the reactions of the audience closely. It’s a good way to gauge their feelings at that moment and to determine whether they are in synch with you or not.

• Recommendations – This phase should logically follow the summary and lead the audience into your suggested action steps. If you were captivating during your summary portion, the acceptance of your recommendations will be easier for your listeners to digest.

• Action steps – As part of your recommendation, provide action steps that support your suggestions. For example, if you are suggesting that there be a 90-day test of your products and services, outline exactly what needs to happen to make this work. Don’t expect the prospect to know what to do and what action to take. Make it easy for them. Have the action items in place and gain the prospect’s agreement. The action steps are a natural part of your recommendations and should flow quite easily.

• Strong verbal skills – Voice intensity, rate of speech, and voice inflection, are all important in sending a strong verbal message. This message should be aligned with the visual part of your presentation. Choose your words and vocabulary very carefully. If the topic is something you are very knowledgeable about, then you can concentrate on sending the appropriate voice energy and intensity.

• Visible confidence – Your visible confidence could make or break the presentation. With a strong voice and a confident looking demeanor, you can overcome many obstacles in a presentation. Make sure your confidence is displayed right from the beginning of the presentation and continues until you have made your recommendations.


Business presentations are successful because of their visual design as much as their textual context. A good presentation will attract the eye and convey a sense that the presenter understands the underlying material and should be trusted to provide good information. Good designers make use of several strategies to develop and deliver solid and visually appealing presentation.

• Color
Selecting dominant color that matches the intended emotional message of the presentation is a good strategy, provided that the secondary colors are harmonious and blend well. Avoid awkward color contrasts, including red text on black background.

• Imagery
Use of images selectively and avoid generic clip art or photos. Let each visual element convey a deeper meaning.

• Balanced Design
Building a presentation that incorporates basic principles of harmonious design can improve the audience’s trust in the quality of underlying work. Design presentations with adequate white space, clean fonts and balance across the four quadrants of the page.

• Video and Animation
Embedded video clips are a powerful way of telling a story or illustrating a point, even when the video is merely an animation of data or processes. Likewise, animation can enliven a presentation – but do not let basic PowerPoint animation become intrusive.

• Make a point
Let the presentation emphasize major points and allow the conversation during the presentation to provide the detail. Short bullets are better than long paragraphs, and presentation that are shorter are usually better received than ones with hundreds of slides.

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