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Saint Saviours Essay Sample

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Saint Saviours Essay Sample

The evidence that I can find of the church is that there is a college for training priests called Cures college. The church is very powerful since there is Saint George’s fields and Saint Thomas Hospital that are run by the church. The actual churches name Saint Saviours. There is evidence of the existing places of entertainment, for example different types of theatres, such as the Globe, the Rose and the Swan. The Bear gardens held another form of entertainment know as bear baiting. Other evidence shows that there were pubs, for example George Inn and the Tabard Inn.

Evidence of trade is that there is stairs all the way up Bankside, for example the Goat stairs and the Falcon stairs. Also there is London bridge(the only bridge over the river at the time) and a main road, used to transport goods, to be sold north of the river and to travel into London. Some of the changes that have taken place between 1600 and the present day are the open spaces that are no longer there now because of urbanisation. The Bear gardens do not exist because the sport became illegal.

Winchester palace fell in to ruins during the civil war, the only remains are a rose window. The piers that used to be along southbank, are not used for trade, the Globe theatre is now nearer to the river and on Clink street the is a museum. St. Thomas hospital is now a lot larger. London bridge doesn’t have any more building on, it’s only purpose is to be used as a bridge. There are a lot more bridges over the river, including the Millennium bridge, the only pedestrian bridge. The old power station is now a art gallery called the Tate Modern.

Pleasure boats are always going up and down the river, full of tourists. Source C supports the evidence on the map because it tells us about the bear gardens and were the bear baiting was held. It also tells me about the pike gardens, which is on the map. Source C gives a very different impression of bankside to the one that we gained on our visit. Source C gives the impression that bankside was full of gambling old men and women of the stews. However on our bankside visit it gave us the impression it was clean, full of business people and urbanised.

The reason that source C was written about bankside in the past, when it was a bad part of the city to live in because it was outside the city walls, so it did not have to follow the same rules as the city did. Now bankside is full of tourists, which show’s it is one of the best parts of London. Source C shows that people approved of bear baiting because it says “Queen Elizabeth brought the French Ambassador by barge, to watch the bear baiting”. This shows the Queen must of liked it otherwise she would not of taken such an important visitor to see it.

Source B says that “with a tearing, a full ugly sight”. This shows that some people did not approve of the bear baiting because he was shocked at the sight of it. Source A doesn’t tell us about peoples attitudes towards bear baiting, it shows us what went on and where it went on so it isn’t very useful. Source B only tells us one person’s view of people in general attitudes towards bear baiting. In source C it tells us that Queen Elizabeth took a visitor to see the bear baiting which shows that she approved of it and thought it was a good sport to go and see.

Source D is Pepy’s private diary, this is reliable because he would probably not of lied. Pepy’s said that the sport was ‘very good’. There were lots of other people at the bear baiting ring. The type of people that were watching the bear baiting were seamen, shoemakers and butchers. Source E isn’t very useful because it is a play and is not real life. Source F tells us that bear baiting was popular because they were putting up scaffolding, showing lots of people liked it. the most useful source is D because it tells us what other thoughts were about bear baiting.

There has been a church on the site of Southwark Cathedral since 1106. The evidence that there has been from medieval times is the old font. The font looked very worn out, and it would have had round Norman arches surrounding it. it was done when the church was first built. It was on the north aisle. There was also John Gower’s tomb. It was very colourful and carefully looked after. It had Latin surrounding it. Gofer died in 1408, the beginning of poetry in English. It was located in the north aisle.

Evidence from the 16th and 17th century are the Nonesuch chest used to parish records in. t was constructed in 1588. it was located on the north choir aisle. Other evidence was an original piece of stained glass window. It was very small and lacked colour telling me it was old. It was made in the 16th century, when stained glass windows were first put in the church. It is located on the south choir aisle. Evidence after 1800 is the Marchioness memorial. It was a piece of marble on the floor with the names and ages of those that died. The reason we know why it was from this time is because the disaster happened in 1989, it was made then.

It was located on the floor just to your left as you walk in the cathedral. Other evidence was the statues I the alter screen. This screen was made up of lots of statues of saints and bishops. When work started on the church to make it a cathedral, in 1890, they started to add the statues were the gaps used to be. These statues are in the high alter. The reason’s that I can suggest foe the survival of differing amount’s of evidence in the cathedral from each period of time. Over time the church has eroded and been destroyed many times. These are the way’s in which it has.

There was a bad fire in 1212 that badly damaged the church, priory and hospital. There was also another fire in the 1390’s. In 1469 the roof collapsed, now rebuilt in wood and with wooden bosses. In the Second World War a bomb hit the cathedral, destroying all the stained glass windows. The retro- choir was hired out since the church needed money. It was used as a bakery and a pigsty. The church was a very important factor in the development of Bank side because some of the buildings that are here today wouldn’t of been here if it wasn’t for the church. An example of a building is the power station.

The church was especially important during the medieval period, when the Bishop of Winchester had his place there. The church was a less important factor of explaining the recent changes because it is now no longer essential to go to church, it is not as popular. Also the church used to have it’s own set of laws and used to very powerful. However other factors have also caused Bank side to change, for instance in Roman times it was a place of small industries, for example fishing and brewing. In Tudor times it was mainly a place of entertainment ( Bear baiting, theatres, prostitution and gambling).

Another factor that has also effected Bankside is in the industrial revolution when factories and warehouses were built I open spaces. Today the church is no longer important part of most peoples lives. It is mainly a place of entertainment, but not like the entertainment in Tudor times. There is entertainment like gallery’s, theatres and museums, a more sophisticated approach. Overall I think that entertainment is the most important factoring the development of Bankside because it has been the most important factor since Tudor times.

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