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Sales inventory systems Essay Sample

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Sales inventory systems Essay Sample


All businesses relied on Sales inventory systems to be able to run their business. Inventory system plays a vital role by accounting for all goods or products. It will show where a particular product is located, whether it is in a warehouse or on a store shelf.

Our client is Mr. Runi R. Abilay the business owner of Minola and Palm Oil located at Pagadian City Branch and his business partner the YCG Company where he use the company to place his product but their transaction is only the Minola and Palm Oil. Mr. Runi R. Abilay is a business man who is also the personnel distributer of his product, with direct sailing for their client. He imported the product from Jemenes Ozamis Occidental and export here in Pagadian. Our client needs to develop their business, through a system that can solve their problems and to facilitate their work. One of those problems they usually encounter is their inventory and their Sales System, because they only use the manual processing. The detail on how to work on their business is direct sailing, their products is Minola and Palm Oil which they sale it in a container, containing 16kls of Minola and 14kls Palm Oil.

They delivered the order per container to the customers in the market, they also counted the numbers of the container returned empty and how many orders deliver in that day. They conducted weekly Inventory and operated manually in their sales to get a receipt in their workplaces therefore they need to apply an automated system to avoid human error. Some of their clients or customers that are usually delivered their products are the Mabuhay Bazar, Taft Mart, Lady’s Mart, Luis General Merchandise, High-Jo Bakeshop and other establishment in the Public Market. The transactions need to have a record of inventory to know the in and out product that they sales. The following are some common problems in their process are:

•How to work fast?
•How to avoid wrong computation?
•How to have a security in all records in their products?
•How we can easily get the order of the customer?
•How to make it fast in knowing or update the ongoing order from the customer?
•How to make it fast in knowing or update the outgoing order from the customer?
•Reporting how many gallons left.
•Reporting how many empty gallons return?
•Reporting how many orders will deliver on that day?
•Report acquisition problems – the effort associated with finding meaningful data and statistics in the system.
•Summarizing data and writing reports take lot of time.
•Data duplication: the same data gets repeated over and over since the workers find it hard to keep track of the documents, information and transactions. •Lack of security: since data is stored in filing cabinets it is freely available to anyone. If information falls into the wrong hands it can be used against the company and customers and can blackmail them.
•Common errors: when entering data customers might have accidentally switched details and data since it is hand written.
•Inconsistency of data: there will be unavailability for future use, since data might get misplaced during manual filing.so data won’t be preserved properly for future use.

•Repetition of work: if there are any changes to be made, the data will have to be entered again.at times the worker would forget to make the changes or forget that they had already altered it and might redo it again, it is time consuming. •Too much paper work: since everything and every detail are written down manually in paper there will be too much paper works! •Slow retrieval of data: the information of customers and details are stored in different parts of the site and so takes a long time to retrieve the data.it takes a long time to find the information about a relevant person.in case of delivery, the delivery will be held back. This results in a sharp drop in sales, unhappy customers and a bad impression of the company. These are some common problems we gathered base in their processes of their businesses.


A manual throughout the world relied on pens and papers, problems such as slow processes and computations. Many companies need to solve these problems. In additional information regarding these situations that we studied, is that they also encountered problems in delivering the order to the costumers. All business relies in Sales and Inventory System to run their business. In business the advent of technology has changed the lifeblood of society; they are everywhere and the advancement of discoveries both in hardware and software keep coming day in and out. Technology changes and improves at a rapid pace and companies and institution have cope with it. This is because as the latest knowledge of development in computer technology grows people standard increase.

Point of sales tracks each item in detail, recoding each purchase and sale and always recalculating the value of your inventory on a moving the average. The order of the product must be understand this point and so is always developing new ideas to get the products selling faster.

Inventory Management is a part of a retail system, also provides your customers with accurate information, letting them know when items are outof stock, back ordered or pre-orderable, updating the stocks in and out, damage stocks, how many empty galloon return, and how many galloon need to deliver, how many stocks left, and the some additional order to the customers.

The information allows you to make better business decisions on how to market your products and whether or not to carry them to an accomplished tedious task. At a present time, people behind large and small companies adopt modern technology in order to survive and compete with markets demands. Also, through the use of this technology, different transactions and processing system have become computerized for greater ease and accuracy.

In our client they use only a manual Sales Inventory System but because they need to develop their business they decided to find an automated machine that will help them to the said problem.


In defining research objectives is the most important step in designing a good system in research plan. Objectives decide interview topics. They shape the questions we ask and to guide our analysis and reports, pointing the right solution of the given problems. The given problems stated in the background research study in 1.1: Objectives of our study are:

•To facilitate the work.
•To keep in human errors, use an automated Sales Inventory System to avoid error in computation.
•To have a security in all records in their products.
•Can easily get the order of the customer.
•Fast in knowing or update the ongoing order from the customer.
•Fast in knowing or update the outgoing order from the customer.
•Easy to report the containers left.
•Easy to report the empty containers report.
•Easy to report the orders deliver in that day.
•To develop an automated Sales Inventory System.
•To develop and expand their business because of different operations which includes pricing database system and payments database system. •Easy in summarizing data and writing reports take lot of time.


The Study Covers different Operation, The Inventory System allows you to: Remove items from inventory, Notify the store of a customer’s intent to purchase an item that is not currently in stock (Backorder), Notify the store of a customer’s intent to purchase an item that has never been in stock (preorder). The administrator of the store uses the inventory system to: Place a specific number of gallons in menola oil for customers to purchase, backorder, or preorder, Decrease the number of gallons available for purchase, backorder, or preorder, perhaps because of an error in stocking the item, Determine the number of gallons available for purchase, backorder, or preorder, Determine when a specific gallons will be back in stock, and etc..

The Sales System allows you to: to analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly, maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends, Pricing, Updating product information, Security and etc… The study will not cover to the other integration of different operation: such as to enter the online system, because our client demands us to have his personal system. We don’t want to enter other process or operations that would not help the said study.


With the fast improving technology we had nowadays, the researchers came up an idea of creating a system which is stated above. But before creating a system the researchers conduct studies and interviews in connection with the proposing system in our client. Some importance of this study to help our client is when it comes in summarizing data and submitting reports it’s easy for them to create. There are some things that they automatically make to do more things in a less time consume. Sales and Inventory help also resources to uncover a huge error in my credit file, to check out my stocks and credits before making P.Os, to have security in your businesses.

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