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In a hypercompetitive economy with increasingly rational buyers faced with abundant choices, a company can win only by fine-tuning the value delivery process and choosing, providing, and communicate superior value. The task of any business is to deliver customer at a profit. Marketing involves customer’s needs and wants. Nowadays marketing has an important role in the success of organizations and many successful companies see marketing as the keystone of their business. A number of researches on this issue have been implemented to recognize the contribution of marketing to the achievement of company success, and to utilize marketing tools effectively. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. A key ingredient of marketing management process is insightful, creative marketing strategies and plans that can guide marketing activities. Developing the right marketing strategy over time requires a blend of disciplines and flexibility. Firms must stick to a strategy but must also find new ways to constantly improve it. Marketing strategy also requires a clear understanding of how marketing works.

Since marketing acts as an intermediary between the company and its customers needs, it interprets the customers’ motives for purchase and ensures the closest response from the company to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Therefore, marketing helps companies improve their competitiveness and gain more success in capturing the market. To create and practice marketing effectively, it becomes a substantial demand in today’s companies due to an ever-changing business and fiercer competitive pressures in the market. Effectiveness of marketing is understood as effective management of the tools of marketing, which consist of Marketing information systems and research, the Products or service, Pricing, Channels of distribution and logistics, Marketing communications, and Selling and sales management, so as to maximize firm’s profit by meeting customers’ needs and wants.

Sales Strategy to Enter, Develop and Remain in the United States Market

The days when all the sales force did was “sell and sell” are long gone. Sales reps need to know how to diagnose a customer problem and propose a solution. Salespeople show a customer prospect how their company can help a customer improve profitability. The Marketing plan is the central instrument for directing and coordinating the Marketing Effort. It operates in two levels: strategic and tactical. The strategic marketing plan lays out the target markets and the value proposition that will be offered, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities. The tactical marketing plan specifies the marketing tactics, including product features, promotion, merchandising, pricing, sales channels and service. (Kotler and Keller, 2005) An appropriated short term strategy for Quality Kraft Carpets is Targeting or segmentation, once the main objective of the company is to enter in the USA market. It should be based on: value of goods or purchase, customer preferences (type of carpets sold and email ordering service) A Medium term strategy for Quality Kraft is pricing which objectives the company develops its new market. This practice should adopt short term tactical reductions, establish price premiums and elevate perceived quality of carpets

A long term strategy seeks enable the company remains in USA. Customer Retention is an appropriated Strategy in this case because advanced technology enables suppliers to track the progress of customers and provides profitability of customers relationship through the cost of acquisition and losses of customers at various stages in the relationship (such as enquiry level, conversation to costumer, repeat purchase, up trade, threatened dormancy and recovery.

Representation and Recommendation for USA Market

Form and Representation

In the beginning for a company, it’s better to start its own sales with little investment what means to start by using an agent. Once the profits start to show, the company can become self-sufficient and after expand as a manufacturing (Lancaster…).

It may prudent to Quality Kraft to gain experience in the through an agents and distributors before venturing directly into setting up a manufacturing subsidiary. Quality Kraft should employee the staff of previous agent or distributors to form the nucleus of the new company.

Manufactory Subsidiary

The subsidiary can be a selling or manufacturing organisation or both. Reason for establishing an overseas subsidiary:
1. Production Capacity: quality Kraft may find problems in serving the market from the home base, once overseas markets are expanding. 2. Non-Tariff restrictions: In USA market restrictions placed against markets might take the form of complex safety package regulations. 3. Costs: Labour and manufacturing facilities are often more economical USA and setting up a manufacturing base saves transportation costs. 4. Explicit import restrictions: Where this exists, the setting up of a manufacturing subsidiary may be the only way to enter or stay in the market. (Lancaster….)

A foreign subsidiary exposes Quality Kraft to many risks that licensing minimises, a venture of this kind can offer the greatest potential.
Some of the advantages for Quality Kraft to establish a subsidiary, after become self-sufficient, are that employees working direct for a company are often better motivated than those of an intermediary and it’s easier to control a subsidiary because it’s under parent company’s direct control. The disadvantage is that economic or political instability within the USA may cause problems outside the control of the parent Quality Kraft.

International Strategic Issues

After initial success in the United States Markets further consideration should be made in terms of International Market. Current business condition makes the distinction between domestic and international distribution important. Successful firms have realized that, to survive and develop in business environment of today and tomorrow, they must adapt the worldwide and global views of business.

Potential countries with high level of development and growth should be considered, once they have potential market for Quality Kraft Carpets.
In this study will be considered Japan and Middle East Markets.


Some instructions should be followed when considering to export to Japan. According to Lancaster (…) selling to Japan requires patience and sensitivity to customs and business practices not altogether appreciated by Westerners. Business in Japan is still conducted in a traditional manner where civility, politeness and the search for constructive relationships are of essence, and successful business follows the establishment of such relationships. In some countries it is considered sociality acceptable to compliment someone directly on his or her business accomplishments or the accomplishment of the company, but in Japan anything in the way of a compliment is made indirectly. The Japanese is often to approach the problem indirectly and pick out some aspect of the room which reflects the other person’s taste and sophistication and comment on that.

The Key to a successful business relationship in Japan is a successful personal relationship and nowhere in the world are business and personal relationship to intertwined. First, friendship should be established and then actual business negotiation. In dressing, extremes should be avoided. Business cards serve the function of not having to memorise instantaneously the name and positions of one’s business counterparts and they provide a record for future references. Japan is very hierarchical and status conscious society. Lancaster (…….) gives eight recommendations, which Quality Kraft should follow for selling to people in Japanese organisations:

1. Describe your organisation in detail. For Quality Kraft it means make pamphlets and brochures that describe the company’s location, its products and its objectives for being in Japan. It should be in Japanese. 2. Manage Meetings Japanese style. Quality Kraft should get a mutual acquaintance to introduce the company. Don’t be late or change appointments. Leave plenty of time for travel between meetings and bring a small gift (made in your country). 3. Recognise that decisions are often made by middle management: the first Quality Kraft’s call may meet the president; it’s a matter of formality. 4. Do not push for a close: even with the most attractive product and effective sales propositions, Japanese business people will not make a decision at that meeting.

They need time to asses the proposal and the company. 5. Use Japanese whenever possible: sales promotional material should be written in Japanese. To write in English can damage the image of the company. Some Japanese expressions should be learnt. 6. Make sales presentation low key: low key and deliberate style should be use to reflect their preferred manner of doing business. 7. Establish a strong relationship: Japanese people follow formal rules when beginning a relationship and expect to cultivate relationships through sales call, courtesy visits and the occasional lunch and other social events. 8. Dress conservatively: Japanese prefer plan, undemonstrative business dress.

Marketing Communication: Sales Promotional Strategies for USA

Companies use sales promotion tools – coupons, contests, premiums, and the like – to draw a stronger and quicker buyer response. Sales promotion can be used for short run effects such as to highlight product offers and boost sagging sales. Sales promotion tools offer three distinctive benefits: communication (gain attention and may lead the consumer to the product), Incentive (incorporate some concession, inducement, or contribution that gives value to the consumer) and Invitation (include a distinct invitation to engage in the transaction now) (Kotler and Keller 2005). Diversifying the brands, which are suitable to local markets, is also recommended, as branding is a key element in marketing. Brands typically appeal to customers on the two planes of the function such as superior quality, unique features, and the representation.

Media Type
Media advertising communicates information to a large number of recipients, paid for by a sponsor. It has three main aims:

1. To impart information

1. To develop attitudes

1. To induce action beneficial to the advertiser (generally the purchase of a product or service).

The most appropriated media types for Quality Kraft are following:

Direct mail: Direct mailing is the use of the postal service to distribute informative literature or other promotional material to selected prospects. Quality Kraft should use it as a tool to introduce the company and the product to the customers. Material such as folders and pamphlets should be elaborate to provide complete information to the customers about the quality products and the story about the company.

Personal selling: Personal selling is a very important element of marketing. The way personal contact is managed with customers is critical to the success of any organization, and it can only be carried out competently by people. Quality Kraft should choose sales person to promote and sell their carpets. These persons should be trained to show all the benefits and quality existent in their carpets and promote the carpets to the new market through distribution of free samples.

Advertising: Advertising can be regarded as communications about products, services, and organizations. Advertising is seen as an important determinant of brand image and product information, so, many firms do not hesitate to spend huge amounts of money on advertising. The best kind of adverts to Quality Kraft would be adverts on Television and radios, which would delivery information about the carpets to the mass.

Internet: It’s a way of communication in constant growth nowadays. It’s a powerful instrument which should be used for Quality Kraft because it helps to build brand image.

Future Research For USA

Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. (Kotler and Keller 2005). Quality Kraft needs information to help them to interpret past performance as well as plan future activities. Information such as consumers, competitors and brands are needed to make the best possible tactical decisions in the short run and strategic decisions in long run.

The most appropriated research approaches, researcher instrument for forecasting demand for Quality Kraft are:

Focus Group

It’s a gathering of six to ten people who are carefully selected based on certain demographic, psychographic, or other considerations and brought together to discuss at length various topics of interest. Participants are normally paid a small sum for attending. A professional research moderator provides and probes based on a discussion guide or agenda prepared by the responsible marketing managers to ensure that the right material gets covered. Moderators attempt to track down potentially useful insights as they try to discern the real motivation of consumers and why they are saving and doing certain things. The sessions are typically recorded in some fashion, and marketing managers often remain behind two – way mirrors in the next room. Researches must avoid generalizing the reported feelings of the focus group participants to the whole market. (Kotler and Keller 2005). In this case broad question, such as, “what do you consider a important feature for carpets?” Questions then move to how people view the differences between carpets, and what features they consider relevant.


It objectives to learn about people knowledge beliefs, preferences and satisfaction and measure these magnitudes in the general population (Kotler and Keller 2005).
Quality Kraft can put questions to an ongoing consumer panel. It may do a mall intercept study by having researches approach people in a shopping centre and ask them questions.

Depth Interview

Depth interviewing is based on the psychoanalytical principle of ‘free association’ interviewing. The depth interview is not intended to be a formal question and answer session using a structured questionnaire. Such an exercise would merely be the administering of a questionnaire by personal interview. A depth interview is intended to be something far more subtle and sophisticated. Depth interviews fall under the heading of qualitative research. They are concerned with collecting information on people’s beliefs, attitudes and opinions rather than more quantitative information that might more readily lend itself to statistical analysis (Kotler and Armstrong).

Depth interviews for Quality Kraft should involve small samples. It should be expensive and time consuming. Although the interview may only take an hour or so to actually conduct, the researcher will take much longer than this in preparation, making the appointment, listening to tapes and making transcripts and analyzing the information.

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