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Salon Locator System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

People nowadays love to visit salon and spas then undergo hair and body treatments to relieve stress and to relax. BF Homes is one of the places that have many salon and spas established in Parañaque City. People of Parañaque City and from nearby city can go to one of the salon and spas in BF Homes. But how can a person go to one of the salon and spas if he/she is not familiar on the place? Another problem is how about if he/she does not have time to go there just to ask questions regarding the salon and spa’s services and fees?

We come up with a solution the Salon Locator Website. Salon Locator Website is a website where customers can search for a salon and spa and it will provide the salon and spa’s location. Not only location but will also allow the customers to view the new and old services offered by the salon and spa, and the promos of the entire salon if there is any. Salon Locator Website will enable loyal customers of a said salon to try new ones.

The Salon Locator Website will be efficient to the customers all over

the BF Homes, Parañaque City, and nearby cities. Issues

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style="text-align: justify;">1. The clients want a salon to provide services that is only inside BF Homes.

2. Hassle on searching for the salon that has the services they needed.

3. Which salon has an affordable but with good services?

4. Services that are same from other salon but with differ effectiveness on the clients.

5. What are the services offered of one salon that others don’t have?

6. Was there a side-effect on the clients of what products that a salon using.


1. Create a website that will provide all salons that are located only at BF Homes- Parañaque.

2. Gather the customers by having their own account.

3. Provide a means for an easy access and communication for the clients.

4. Helping clients to find salon that can be visited and will served on them.

5. This site must provide all information about the services offered of a salon.

6. Can compare and contrast a one salon from the others.


1. The website must be secured.

2. The website must user-friendly.

3. The website must be appealing to the user.

4. The website must provide information about the services of a specific
salon that they want.

5. The website must be always updated.

6. The website must provide the location of each salon that is located at the area.

7. The website must adapt on the needs of customers.


1. The website must allocate all the issues regarding the problems of all salons.

2. The proposal must be prepared during the day of midterm examinations.

3. The documentation must be ready before the end of this trimester.

4. The website must be accurate and can be easily access by the users even if he/she’s not a computer professional.

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