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The “issue” of homosexuality has recently sprouted in politics and societies all over the world. The United States prides itself in the freedom of its citizens, yet gay marriage is still looked down upon and banned in many states. Why are homosexuals being denied the right of matrimony? Regardless of sexuality, two people who are in love should be able to join each other in marriage, and that marriage should be recognized and respected by government and society. Although some people oppose the legalization of same­sex marriage, gay marriage should be legal in all states because everyone should have the right to marry the one they love, despite their gender.

In the United States, fifty­two percent of Americans support same­sex marriage, forty percent oppose it, and eight percent feel indifferent. This is a large difference from polls in 2005 that stated fifty­seven percent opposed and thirty­five percent favored the legalization of gay marriage (“Changing Attitudes”). Every political group, religious group, and other organization will have opposing opinions.

Those who do not want it legalized think that altering the traditional definition of marriage they know as between a man and a woman, will further weaken a threatened institution that could lead to polygamous, incestous, bestial and other non­traditional relationships having the right to marry. They argue that same­sex marriage is not a civil rights issue, and conflating the issue with interracial marriage is misleading (“Gay Marriage”). Marriage between opposite genders and different races are in no way relatable. In their eyes, marriage is a privilege, not a right. They know marriage to be a religious rite between a man and woman, and that the purpose of marriage is to reproduce. Homosexuals are incapable of having children, and to opposers adoption is not an option because children need both a father and a mother, which they cannot offer (“Gay Marriage”).

Same­sex marriage is not accepted in several religious groups such as in the Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Islam, United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter­Day Saints (“Gay Marriage”). In Christianity, homosexuality is a sin that is condemned to hell. Many people who oppose same­sex marriage still believe that marriage should be between a man and woman, like it has been traditionally throughout time (“Gay Marriage”). People who disagree with gay marriage usually have a hard time accepting that society is changing and different practices are now becoming common.

On the contrary, many Americans support same­sex couples and their pursuit of marriage (“Gay Marriage”). Sixty­four percent of Democrats, fifty­eight percent of Independents, and thirty percent of Republicans are currently supporters (Changing Attitudes”). Advocates of gay marriage believe that same­sex couples should be offered the same marriage benefits and public acknowledgment as heterosexual couples. Marriage is a civil right, therefore banning gay marriage is unconstitutional discrimination (“Gay Marriage”). Homosexuals deserve to have the same rights available to them as the typical couple of a man and woman.

When arguing the legalization, many people point out that homosexual couples are not capable of producing children (“Gay Marriage”). If this is the cause for marriage, why are infertile, heterosexual couples still given the opportunity to wed? Reproduction is not strictly the reason for marriage, and not every couple needs to have children. There are several orphans around the world who need a stable home. Homosexual couples can adopt children who would otherwise be left in foster care. Gay marriage also provides financial gain to local and state governments. It adds revenue from marriage licenses, higher income taxes, and it decreases the costs for state benefit programs (“Gay Marriage”).

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