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Samsung have a list of products that are high in demand across more economically developed countries due to the fact that Samsung’s products are considered luxury items so they will cost a lot more, this is why there products are mainly sold in more economically developed countries because only people in economically developed countries can afford their products. Also Samsung’s products are considered very popular amongst the working class as the Samsung galaxy S3 over took the iPhone 4s as the world’s bestselling smart phones according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, which claims Samsung, shipped 18 million units of its flagship device in Q3, also because the s3 is so popular when Samsung bring out a new phone this will lead to repeat purchases, there next phone will be even better than the smart phones they have out now and this is what will entice customers to come back and buy another Samsung product. The Samsung most smartphone users want extra storage, the Galaxy S3 does not disappoint. With the micro SD slot, the Galaxy S3 is expandable to 64 GB. The next competitor, the HTC One X is expandable to 32 GB. The Apple iPhone 4s offers 64 GB, but not in an expandable option, which means you pay extra for the storage so in this sense Samsung galaxy is the better option.

Samsung does do all the media means of promotion, including video and print ads. Recently it has gained a lot of attention because of its massive lawsuit with apple, and one blogger said it’s “the one billion dollar publicity stunt” they’ve certainly gained a lot of attention and publicity because of it. Samsung constantly holds sales promotional events. For example, recently, there is an event called “Samsung Smart TV Promotion” in Hong Kong. Customers can get a free Samsung 1TB external Hard Drive and 3D Starter Gift Pack upon purchasing eligible model of 3D LEDTV and 3D LCD TV from 16th October to 30th November The promotion is able to help Samsung expand its sales and also this can be considered a product trial as they are giving away a new product and would want to get feedback on whether the product is good or bad and any improvements that can be made.

Samsung sells its products by retailers and home appliance interlinks retail enterprises Suning and Gome as well as LG. Nevertheless, Samsung not only sells products in cities, but also in countryside. Samsung in China took part in a policy named “home appliances to rural areas” in 2009. This policy was to add profits to the masses that lived in rural areas. Samsung was one of the companies that help rural people improve their living standard.

The company has been founded in South Korea; however it earns the majority of the profit in the China and India markets. In addition, due to the marketing strategy, Samsung releases the new types of phones into those markets, where the competitors haven`t any.

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