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The Ethical decision would be the right thing to do. Setting moral principles and standards and showing the right behavior to employees as well to the people of the community it shows when managers apply ethical standards, it will also show the community that the company makes good ethical decisions. Which keeps the Sandwich Blitz with good reputation. “Unethical Behavior can happen anywhere not just in the business world.” It occurs when police officers “take care of parking tickets” so friends and family members do not have to pay fines.” Unethical Behavior is all around us, and it’s true for the citizens that doesn’t know anyone that’s associated with anyone that’s involved in law enforcement. Companies with strong ethics have found that the efforts can reduce potential costly fines decrease in vulnerability, improvement in their reputation provides great access to capital.

Dalman should follow the new regulations of the local health codes that have been issued regarding the trash dumpsters. It seems like a great deal for the government inspector to approve the regulations if the Sandwich Blitz provides the food for his department holiday party, but that’s when ethical behavior should step in. Corporate social responsibility should be shown responsible by taking care of the people that works for the company at hand. It is the job of the employer or the human resource manage to treat the employees in a way that the look forward to coming to work each and every day and are proud to tell other people where they work. An employer or HR manager who deploys corporate social responsibility in the workplace should have a larger view of human welfare, and a long term perspective about the consequences of today’s workplace.

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