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On the day of 16 December 2014 a very tragic and sad incident happened in Peshawar which changed me and made me very sad. We could say I forgot to laugh after that day. In this incident 143 innocent children were badly killed. This incident is still stuck in my head. It was the most memorable and sad day of my entire life. It all started when I reached my house and just saw the news and saw the very bad attack. I saw how innocent children of Army Public School were tortured, killed and how the headmistress was burnt alive. The cruelty of the attack brought tears in my eyes. I felt very bad for children and their families going through a very hard time they will forget. When I saw the interview of the families of the martyrs their pain for their loved ones death was too painful. For that day till today I hated violence couldn’t see blood. But I knew that crying wouldn’t bring anything back so I started to put statuses on Facebook about inhumane attack at Army Public School.

But I thought crying would hurt the souls of the martyrs so I decided we must pray to god for them and their families going through a very hard attack and hatred came to those inhumane attack. I thought they didn’t deserve life since they took too many lives. After thinking so many days I kept feeling very sad. When I heard more and more about this true sad and tragic incident I started thinking these innocent children getting killed very badly I grew more and more sad and my sympathy grew from me to the suffering families I grew very disturbed and after going to the Army Public School during the holidays and lightening the candles I thought we should not grow scared and people who say it’s not like lightening candles in memory of those heroes and martyrs would bring them back I thought this may tell the enemy the can control us or do something like this and because of these lightening events a lot of terrorists were killed or hanged.

I thought maybe it was time to have some bravery and go interview some parents meeting them made me think that this is like a war the terrorists may have won the battle but they won’t win the war because not only did they kill so many innocent children this was like putting a thorn in the hearts of the world. I thought even a dog would have such stone heart to do this shameful act and this was very brave of those children.

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