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Sat Vocab Questions Essay Sample

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Sat Vocab Questions Essay Sample

1. The simple and direct images in Dorothea Lange’s photographs provide ——- reflection of a bygone social milieu. (a) an intricate (b) a candid (c) an ostentatious (d) a fictional (e) a convoluted

2. Kate’s impulsive nature and sudden whims led her friends to label her ——-. (a) capricious (b) bombastic (c) loquacious (d) dispassionate (e) decorous 3. Neurosurgeon Alexa Canady maintained that choosing a career was a visceral decision rather than ——- judgement; that is, it was not so much rational as ——-. (a) an emotional .. intellectual (b) a chance .. random (c) an intuitive .. impulsive (d) a deliberate .. instinctive (e) an intentional .. logical 4. Creative business stratagems frequently become ——- as a result of ——-, their versatility and adaptability destroyed by their transformation into rigid policies. (a) streamlined .. infighting (b) mitigated .. jingoism (c) ossified .. bureaucratization (d) politicized .. innovation (e) venerable .. legislation

5. Because playing a musical instrument increases brain activity, it is sometimes used as a ——- to promote learning in children. (a) condition (b) highlight (c) stimulus (d) dictum (e) respite 6. The ambassador argues that, in diplomacy, there is a subtle but important difference between a country’s showing a willingness to ——- and a too-obvious readiness to make ——-. (a) negotiate .. concessions (b) antagonize .. friends (c) surrender .. enemies (d) dominate .. inquiries (e) equivocate .. denunciations 7. Lewis Latimer’s inexpensive method of producing carbon filaments ——- the nascent electric industry by making electric lamps commercially ——-. (a) cheapened .. affordable (b) transformed .. viable (c) revolutionized .. prohibitive (d) provoked .. improbable (e) stimulated .. inaccessible

8. After winning the award, Phillip adopted a haughty pose, treating even his best friends in a ——- manner. (a) cryptic (b) judicious (c) jubilant (d) supercilious (e) pugnacious 9. Evidence that the universe is expanding ——- our perception of the cosmos and thus caused a ——- in astronomical thinking. (a) advanced .. setback (b) altered .. revolution (c) contradicted .. truce

(d) reinforced .. crisis (e) halted .. breakthrough 10. Although the theory that widespread lead poisoning contributed to the decline of the (a) credence .. irrefutable (b) disrepute .. dubious (c) acceptance .. convincing  (d) momentum .. systematic (e) currency .. inconclusive

11. The fashion designer favored fabrics that were so ——- as to be virtually transparent. (a) palpable (b) diaphanous (c) variegated (d) luxurious (e) anomalous 12. The biologist’s description of the wolf pack was truly ——-, devoid of any emotion or personal prejudice. (a) dispassionate (b) insubstantial (c) esoteric (d) capricious (e) indignant 13. Scientists wonder what to do with the dead satellites, jettisoned rockets, drifting paint flecks, and other ——- orbiting Earth. (a) flotsam (b) reconnaissance (c) decimation (d) raiment (e) sustenance 14. Although aging brings about profound physiological changes, it does not often alter an individual’s ——-: an irascible thirty year old will probably still be ——- at seventy. (a) disposition .. cantankerous (b) anatomy .. churlish (c) outlook .. benevolent

(d) personality .. laconic (e) stature .. robust
15. The commentator characterized the electorate as ——- because it was unpredictable and given to constantly shifting moods. (a) mercurial (b) corrosive (c) disingenuous (d) implacable (e) phlegmatic 16. The professor’s presentation was both ——- and ——-: though brief, it was instructive. (a) verbose .. mundane (b) concise .. elaborate (c) comprehensive .. edifying

(d) succinct .. enlightening (e) provocative .. technical 17. The judge’s published opinions, though sophisticated and subtle, were undeniably
——-: they left no doubt of her intentions. (a) unequivocal (b) effusive (c) incorrigible (d) tenuous (e) ineffable 18. Thomas Hardy’s novels are described as ——- because of their preoccupation with daily life in rural and agricultural settings. (a) bucolic (b) prolific (c) lugubrious (d) sundry (e) metaphorical 19. Some skeptics consider the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) to be ——-, even foolish; others go so far as to accuse SETI scientists of outright ——- in applying skewed data. (a) misguided .. remonstrance (b) absurd .. erudition (c) plausible .. lassitude (d) painstaking .. fabrication (e) wrongheaded .. chicanery

20. Despairing that the performance of the chief executive would ever improve, the corporation’s board of directors took decisive action and ——- him. (a) coddled (b) taunted (c) prodded (d) ousted (e) chided 21. The discovery of the fossil was ——- and ——-, surprising scientists and undermining accepted theories about plant distribution. (a) exhilarating .. banal (b) shocking .. prophetic (c) startling .. revolutionary

(d) appalling .. groundbreaking (e) unanticipated .. irrelevant 22. Far from being ——-, bears in some national parks are surprisingly ——- when approached by humans; still, visitors must exercise caution. (a) benign .. cantankerous (b) reticent .. bellicose (c) complacent .. docile

(d) aggressive .. placid (e) playful .. frisky
23. The judges for the chili competition were ——-, noting subtle differences between dishes that most people would not detect. (a) obscure (b) deferential (c) discriminating (d) sanctimonious (e) unrelenting

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