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Saturday Climbing Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

conglomerate: a rock consisting of individual clasts within a finergrained matrix that have become cemented together. disparagement: the act of bringing reproach or discredit upon; lowering estimation of someone contemptuous: showing or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful; disrespectful tenuous: of slight importance or significance; unsubstantial aphorisms: a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation. Іemantics: the study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form

Response Questions:
#1. I think the protagonist in the story, “Saturday Climbing”, is the father of Moira. Because it is him who does most of the talking throughout the entire story and he brings up past stories about her and how he never wants to her to leave the province and says she can go to school in Victoria and live at home.

#2. As a teenager, my reaction to this story is surpr

isingly accurate, it really does do a good job of capturing the relationship and the challenges that

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parents and teenagers both face. Moira’s perspective  is fairly represented because it shows how she just wishes how her dad would trust her by herself by living and going to school out of the province.

#3. The ending of the story suggests that the changes that are occurring between the father and the daughter are if she chooses to do things on her own that her father will be there to support her and let her choose what she wants to do in life but he will always want the best for her.

Critical Thinking:
#1. The parallels that you can see are that is is trying to guide her to make the correct decisions in life. He doesn’t want her just to step out in the world and not have a plan. Things that have changed is that he is willing to cut her some slack and not be so guiding and let her choose her path. What has stayed the same is that she will always have her father wanting to show and decide what’s best for her. #2. The two aphorisms are, “The caged bird proves nothing but the power of the captor”, and, “Extremism begets extremism”. He learned from the first quote is that he can’t keep his daughter with him forever, because she is growing up and becoming independent. The second quote he learns that the more he limits her freedom, she’d feel stronger about breaking loose of his grasp.

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