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Saving Private Ryan Essay Sample

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Saving Private Ryan Essay Sample

“Saving Private Ryan” First released in 1998 and directed and produced by the well known Steven spiel burg. Steven spiel burg is a well-known director that has directed over 50 movies, he directs movies such as jaws, et and Indiana jones and the last crusade. Saving private Ryan has won 5 Oscars, 52 other wins and 53 nominations. There are many many famous actors such as vin diesel,tom hanks and Matt damon.The genre of the film is action/adventure, you realize this whilst watching the first scene..

the use of music is very effective and relates to the scene.Every bomb, every gunshot, every scream, right down to the colored water is real.the opening scene is very effective and captures the audience very quickly.

The first shot is one of the most memorable and very effective,which looks at pegs stretched all out along the beach.we see the camera shot of the German soldiers and we immediately see the advantage of the Germans over the American Spielberg,wonderfully,throws the camera around at such a dizzying pace we are lifted right from the theater seats and right into the war. Every bomb, every gunshot, every scream, right down to the colored water is real. Spielberg uses various camera angles and camera techniques such as the hand held camera,over head angles and wide angle shots, this give a dramatic affect to the audience. The wide angle shots are very effective as you see the setting/scenery and the troops,also the close ups are very effective and dramatic as you can see the expressions on the soldiers faces.

The hand held camera gives a view of the ground troops and you get a view on how hard it was for them.there are many excellent and effective phrases and quotes in this film such as “don’t shot them let them burn” and “what the hell do we do now sir”The dialogue is very formal but sometimes become very informal such as “what the hell do we do now sir?” this is very informal but the solider does say “sir” to show a bit of respect

overall my evaluation of the film is that it is a very good and effective film. 8/10.It uses excellent camera shots,dialog,music,actions and settings is very effective. Also the close ups and music of the starting whilst there is a close up of vin diesel is shown at the end of scene 4.this is a break for the audience, an end of the war. They set the scene for the rest of the film by the camera slowly pans left and then zooms into the back pack. S Ryan it is quite symbolic how he ends the scene.

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