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Scenes of The Matrix Essay Sample

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Scenes of The Matrix Essay Sample

The Matrix is a science fiction movie, which was made in 1999 although it I set in the future, around 2199. The opening scenes tell the viewer this immediately because it shows a black computer screen with numbers going down it, this is stereotypical of a sci-fi film. The voice-over creates suspense because two mysterious characters speak of “the one” and “Morpheous” and say “we’re gonna kill him, y’know”. The viewer wants to know who these people are and what they’re talking about. The camera zooms into the “O” on the computer screen and then the torchlight is seen.

The camera pans up and shows several other lights. The audience wants to know what they’re focusing on, thus maintaining interest. The background music speeds up to the conventional action movie sound track, thrilling and dramatic. The viewer then is aware that something exciting will happen soon, but are still left guessing to what it is. Trinity goes against stereotype and fights all the men; she does a wide variety of tricky moves, which shows she has some form of super human powers.

Trinity is not the conventional hero, as usually the audience would expect a male to talk charge of a situation such as this. You can make it”, Trinity talks to Morpheous and the chase begins. The music is quick and dramatic so the viewer realizes action is ahead. Trinity easily leaps a huge gap, which is said to be “impossible”. The viewer wants to know what makes this girl so special and what she’ll use her powers for. The agents that are chasing her all have black glasses, suit and slicked back hair. This is the conventional iconography of the villains in a thriller so the audience has no trouble working out who’s who.

An example of Suture is shown then, when Trinity’s face is seen looking anxiously at something, then it cuts to the call box. This “sews” the viewer into the narrative. The phone begins to ring. The ringing phone creates a small amount of tension, will she answer it, and won’t she answer it, though the audience is really on the edge of their seat when she runs towards the phone. They want to know if she’ll make it and even after the truck has crashed the viewer is still unsure to whether she’s alive or dead, so the tension mounts and is carried into the next scene.

A big close up of Neo’s face shows the audience he is a “key player”. His facial expressions tell the viewer a lot. When his computer speaks to him, he’s visibly shocked. This is a new experience for him. The verbal code “wake up neo, creates a sense of mystery. Again, leaving the audience wanting to know what’s next. The next verbal code, “follow the white rabbit”: the viewer has no idea what this means ad how it is connected to Trinity’s escape, so suspense is maintained.

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