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Through their representation of the wider school community governors help their school improve and provide the best possible education for the pupils. A good governor has many skills and qualities; these include an ability to respect confidentiality, an interest in education, communication skills, ability to retain information, tact, diplomacy, teamwork, commitment to equal opportunities, an open mind and a willingness to undertake training. Governing bodies are expected to play three roles, a strategic overview, a critical friend to the school and they ensure all accountability. By working strategically they provide the best education for the pupils of the school, they set standards and targets for performance; they would have an overview of the curriculum and set policies for the governing body and the school. The governors deliver effective planning including financial, personnel and post-inspection duties. By being a critical friend they establish an effective working relationship with the Head Teacher through having clear division of duties delivered through effective meetings. This will help the governing body know the school better, have an effective scheme of delegation between the governing body and the head teacher and the governing body and its committees.

They would monitor and evaluate attainment, achievement and delivery of policies and plans. By ensuring accountability they will receive regular reports from the head teacher and will provides information to the Childrens Service Authority (CSA) and the parents on a regular basis by publishing a school profile, school prospectus and a post-inspection action plan. A governor will be expected to support the aims of the school and promote the interests of the school and its pupils within the local community. They will attend meetings of the governing body and its committees. The full governing body may meet twice a term and its committees once or twice. They will attend school on a regular basis through planned programme of visits. They are also required to be accountable for their own actions. They will act as a member of the governing body and not as an individual with personal interests. They be kept informed of the developments within the school and attend training to increase knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver their duties and responsibilities.

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