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School of the Performing Arts for the Differently Abled Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Talent is a special skill that is eminent but unique in each and every one of us. Be it within a normal person or a disabled person, it will improve depending on how you cultivate it using hard work. Many have stated that disability is not an issue in cultivating talents within a person, but as many do realize, there are not much facilities which are disabled- friendly to the society. Disability is a sensitive topic to the education system as it may ignite discrimination to the students involved. There are many problems concerning disability and its environment. According to the EFA Global Monitoring Report (2010), reaching the marginalized, children with disabilities remains one of the main groups being widely excluded from quality education. Disability is known as one of the least visible yet most compelling factors in the educational system. Children with disabilities have a right to education. Since the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights was released in 1948, there has been legislation on providing education for all children.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which entered into force in 2008 and which was ratified by the UK in 2009, has 145 signatories (as at June 2010) including all PSA countries except Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Referring specifically to education and the role of the international community, it has profound implications for DFID and its work. But it is not that easy to actually give education if facilities are inadequate in a country. In a book entitled “Livelihood Situation of Disabled Population in China” (2011), one of the biggest problems China faces is the education problem. Comparing with the large number of disabled population, there are quite few educational institutions for them. Up to 2008, there are only 1640 schools and institutions specifically for disabled people; and there are only 46 thousand teaching staffs in total. In India, education for the disabled enters in a different context where a recent study by the World Bank (2007), for example, noted that children with disability are five times more likely to be out of school than children belonging to scheduled castes or scheduled tribes (SC or ST).

Moreover, when children with disability do attend school they rarely progress beyond the primary level, leading ultimately to lower employment chances and long-term income poverty. The Philippines is also a place where its people are talented. In the recent show Pilipinas Got Talent (2010), Carl Malone Montecido, an 11 year- old boy who had been blind since his birth is blessed with extraordinary singing talent to compensate his eyesight. Still, not all are able to adapt in an environment with problems about inferiority because of their condition. There may be problems that the instructors may possess themselves and the environment they are in.p> According to a research done by Veneriza Nazareno – Trillo, the

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Director of Resource and Program Development at Jesu-Mariae International School, Inc. (2010), gifted and talented children and children with disabilities are all included as one number. Some gifted and talented used to be classified as behaviorally challenged as they were disruptive in class. Teachers need specialized training as well. A great deal of thinking and problem solving to transform Philippines’ basic educational system to a wonderful learning environment has to be done (2010). As environment with the normal and disabled could result to discrimination or inferiority, this research attempts to investigate the spaces which would help with the progress and growth of the talents of the disabled and differently abled to claim that Philippines is one of the most diverse countries there is in the future. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This research aims to determine the potential of the disabled people in a school or environment together with the average people. Scientifically, the research attempts to answer the following questions: 1. What are the problems that may be present if the disabled are placed in an environment with the average people? 2. What are some problems with keeping up with the average people’s pace of learning? 3. What are the space requirements that would be helpful for their simultaneous growth? ASSUMPTION

This research assumes that with provision of proper spaces for the disabled will result as the simultaneous growth/ learning of both the average and disabled people and nurture their creative talents. This research also assumes that the data collected would help in the design of a school or facility for the disabled. This research also assumes that solutions are as practical and sustainable as possible but as effective as it is intended in terms of keeping up with the trend of architecture. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

This research helps in giving out educated knowledge to help in the fight against discrimination between the disabled and physically impaired people in which society is still under since the early times. This may help the community living in a diverse environment for the improvement and progress of each community in the Philippines. With this, the government may have more public facilities for them which may help in the progress of our country. If, more facilities are to be established, the education profession would have jobs available and at the same time, it challenges their profession for the better. This research also helps other architects and architecture students alike to improve facilities for the disabled. It will give others ideas and concepts in the improving the designs for the disabled. They may also incorporate the solutions to their own original ideas as solutions to another project not related to the topic of the research. With this research, the government may consider changing design standards of public facilities that are intended for the better learning of public school children with or without disability as it may present flexible solutions. This may also help in the economic aspects of the country. Because solution may be flexible there is less need for providing for what is for the average students and what is for the disabled students

This research would only answer the problems stated above. Surveys and interviews would be conducted in order to gather data and facts. This research does not include information that is needed for the emotional, medical and physical growth of a disabled person. Instead, this research will include behavioural and psychological information that may help in the design of a facility where in the average people and disabled people can learn, nurture their talents, skills and abilities simultaneously. This research shall only present architectural solutions and responses to answer the problems stated.

This research prioritizes the disabled people and the architectural responses needed for their improvement. The respondents are the average people and disabled people as its main variable. The respondents shall only be around Metro Manila for convenience and easier distribution of questionnaires. The respondents needed are one hundred (100) at maximum. The duration of the research will be conducted until the end of year 2012, term 2 of Mapua Institute of Technology. These delimitations is intended for the better flow of the research. Too many respondents in a large vicinity may take longer time in finishing the research.

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