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By Patricia Bell, eHow Contributor
School uniforms have been a topic of discussion and debate between parents and administrators. There are different opinions of the effect that school uniforms have on children’s social acceptance, comfort and behavior and the cost to the parents. 1. Insight

* Children who cannot afford the latest fashion are sometimes ridiculed by their peers. Cliques can develop based on students’ clothing styles, and some students find that their peers judge them by what they wear. School uniforms can take the pressure off of keeping up with the latest fad and being socially rejected due to clothing choice. Significance of cost

* It can be argued that it is more expensive to wear “trendy school clothes” compared to mandatory school uniforms. Parents should consider the cost of trying to keep up with their children’s wardrobe. Uniforms are easier to maintain and ca be less costly. * However, parents do still have to purchase fashionable clothes for their children outside of the school setting. This could result in parents having to spend money on both school uniforms and fashionable clothes. Education

* There are many school educators who support mandatory school uniforms and believe that they improve students’ academic, social and behavioral performance. When uniforms are not mandatory, of course, students will rely on the latest fashion statements. This can may be distracting to focused learning, but it all depends on the individual student. Parents may also be concerned that the time that children spend preparing their clothes for school the next day could be better spent if uniforms were allowed. Behavior

* An argument supporting the policy of school uniforms is that they foster good behavior among students and may reduce school violence. The school environment tends to stricter and students are more than likely to follow the rules of the school. Considerations

* A child’s self expression is important to that child. Student express who they are and their individuality by what they wear. Schools that have compulsory uniform guidelines may take away that kind of self expression. However, students can find other ways to express themselves in school by getting involved in school programs that showcase their abilities and not their attire.

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