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Self-image is also affected positively when wearing a uniform. It’s easier to dress your children for school.
Identification of those who belong at school and those who don’t is easier. School uniforms make dress code enforcement easier. Gangs at school can’t show their “colors” or characteristic symbols. There’s no distracting fashion show at school when you wear a uniform. Household income doesn’t become a visible issue with school uniforms; the focus is on the person, not what they are wearing. This is a healthy list of eight pros when it comes to school uniforms. Here is a closer look at the benefits of school uniforms, and my analysis of each of the arguments.

School Uniforms Pros and Cons – a quick look at the Cons

Uniforms diminish self-expression.
School uniforms may be distasteful to some students.
The cost of uniforms is higher than casual clothing.
Students involved in altercations aren’t as easily identified because they all dress the same. Student identity as an individual is lost.
Being required to wear a uniform teaches an early lesson in lack of choice – something that is contrary to core American values. Uniforms can be costly, and they serve as an unnecessary double expense for a child’s clothing. The idea of uniforms doesn’t match well with the real world that children will eventually be part of. The cons for school uniforms is an equally healthy list of eight. Here is more detailed discussion of the reasons many people are against school uniforms, and my analysis of these arguments.

Regardless of whether you buy into any of the school uniforms pros and cons, as a Libertarian, I have to say that the choice is yours as a parent that pays for your child’s education. As a student, your freedom of choice should also be respected.

In any event, as long as what you wear (and how you wear it) doesn’t unreasonably interfere with the rights of others, it shouldn’t be an issue. Our focus should be freedom of choice and allowing others to be free as well.


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