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Therefore the researchers conclude that extraterrestrial beings or “enkantos” are not real, these are just imaginations of people who don’t want to struggle to find the truth, and they simply rely on myths. Some experiments may be a little out of hand but maybe because of that technologies may not be fully undeveloped for these kinds of experiments or its famous thoughts are not reached to those who wanted to proof that science can proved those mysteries in the enchanted river. The enchanted river’s mysteries may just be prefunded by these facts that human beings are lazy and tend to choose more to what is simple and interesting.

Mysteries that may be that tourists want to share but said in a way of expression to things and these are said to be more beautiful than what they expect it to be. Mysteries that attract more tourists, therefore gain more profit. I say that the beauty of the enchanted river really is fascinating, mythical, and above high grade. Spreading an interesting stories may be the best fit for it to be famous but telling something what isn’t true, the researchers would say untrue until there’s some proof that these extraterrestrial beings or “enkantos” are alive and defending the nature from the harm of the human hands.

Some mysteries are already been scientifically explained. The fishes who tend to be seen only when people are out of the water because no fish would come near human that’s why they stay beneath the riverbed, and those which are said to be impossibly catch by human hands and that fisherman who has caught one. The fascinating color of the river which said to be made by the magic of fairies but scientifically said that it is because of the stones, depth and cleanliness of the water.

The incident where a professional diver died on that river and was said to be trapped in the cave because of the enkantos trapped him there but the truth was just the strong current going on the opposite way which makes him hard to get out of the cave. These mysteries that made the enchanted river famous are one by one explained by science. This is what the researchers believed in because of all the evidences, logical explanation, and based on the experiences of one of the researchers. It is up to people if they want to believe or not to these stories and myths because all of us have our beliefs and we can’t force someone to believe our beliefs.


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