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Taking an interest in science in my junior class made becoming a clinical physician my one time ambition. This interest evolved over the years mainly due to my mother’s frequent ailments which made us frequent hospitals and clinical laboratories. I was amazed at the proficiency with precision instruments and technologies used in the microbiological laboratories. This amazement and curiosity grew into a burning desire to become a clinical microbiologist, and I know research work in microbiology and immunology will help me get the satisfaction of saving lives by these techniques I can help develop. Realizing the need to further upgrade my professional knowledge and expertise, I file this application for a master’s degree program in microbiology and immunology at Dalhousie University

Compared with numerous other applicants, I believe that my unique advantage dwells in the strong motivation in life science and microbiology that I have maintained over the years, but more importantly it is embodied by the academic success I have achieved in my undergraduate education in microbiology. My academic performance during my undergraduate program should be described as “outstanding”, for this I was awarded best academic student in my class. My undergraduate program in microbiology encompassed forty-five(45)courses, but immunology fascinated me the most, because it is a fascinating subject area that you learn about something that is so pervasive and so intricate and yet extremely difficult to explain and my lecturer was absolutely passionate about the subject, and this passion made me more interested. Apart from class work, I did a six (6) month industrial attachment at the house of assembly complex clinical laboratory Asaba Delta State Nigeria to further develop and gain more insights into microbiological science.

As an interdisciplinary subject that is of cutting edge significance, microbiology and immunology offers many exciting yet challenging fields for research breakthroughs. To fulfill my aspirations, I deem it necessary to seek a master’s degree program from Dalhousie University. The most important factor is that your program offers research fields I am intensely interested in. I believe that your education will broaden my knowledge horizon, expose me to distinguished professors and their original concepts and creative teaching. Most importantly I hope that I can become part of the process where human beings use advanced research findings to solve the mysteries of life and the genesis of diseases.

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