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Science and Religion Essay Sample

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Science and Religion Essay Sample

There have been many arguments from various circles on the topic of whether God is there and He exists or otherwise. The arguments are always directed to the class of people who are believers of God from the non believers. The quest on what to believe will and shall remain a subject and a born of contention as long as the two camps exists. The concern about the existence of God and the question whether indeed and in fact there is God dates as back as the tangle that has been and is here today on evolution and creation.

Both existence of a god and that of creation are closely likened in contention. Bible scholars and science scholars have always waged war and hot debates on facts relating to creation as well as existence of God. One camp expressing that there is no God that everything as we see it today has undergone channels of evolution to date and the other camp arguing for the hand of a supreme being “God” being the creator, a craftsman who would make “create” things as he pleases and designing responsibilities according to his only wish.

Dating from hundreds and thousands years ago, there had been volumes of books whose scripts have been protected hence passed from generation to generation talking about no evolution but of a God who is believed to be the only and “one” Mighty God in judge of the earth and whatever that is bellow the sky. The Bible is one such document with stories and theories of ancient writings depicting the most powerful and eminent powers and where such powers come from.

The physical constants are described by scientist to be holding live and supporting live but there is very little to explain how such constants came to being and position themselves so productively and importantly in supporting live itself on the universe. The constants that supports live in the universe such as sun and rain. Life evolve around this two very important elements be it that of human, plants, sea live and almost every living creature and plant depend on sun and rain either directly or indirectly.

Some would use rain and sun to help get food or break up food during feeding while others need either of the two or both sun and rain to be born. Although science tries to explain how this two come about, there is left a lot to explain on the existence of the two and there relevance to live on the universe. These constants and other live supporting agents would spell doom for live on the universe with science or without rain which is a major source of water, sun from the skies. Peter Lynds, (2007) in his physics law of thermodynamic; he explains on why we have events evolving as they are now “one time direction” in nature.

Energy transfer disperses from hot flows to cold and not reverses and that the transfer tends to have a one direction. In his explanation however, there is a question on the flow theory; “what if it was unable to pass to colder and instead because of some physical conditions it was forced to flow to hotter? The obvious reasoning would be any live would be extinct because we do not have any living life that would survive or that requires hot temperatures for survival. It would be a huge scientific coincidence that events such as temperature regulation would just happen like so naturally without some supreme powers in guard of live.

Either this apparent fine-tuning is just lucky and has no deeper explanation or it has some deeper explanation The existence of God and all that surrounds us is evident and at times imaging and re-looking at every other feature living creatures and non living all strategically positioned where they are and occupying their rightful position acts as a pointer to some further powers and spirits just beyond human understanding and discovery. The bible tells stories about creation and how God created everything we see and that which we do not see by our naked eyes.

He God skilfully designed the skies, the seas and waters in the Holy Bible, book of Genesis chapters one and two. The process of creation is thought by the Bible writer as beautiful and gracefully crafted and satisfying to the creator himself. Reading through this book of Genesis would be evident enough to rule out any misconception from either divide of learners and teachers that the precision of our universe is not the result of an accident but rather a product of a meticulous Creator and a Law Giver and definer, a Mighty planner and an intelligent God.

Science has been finding it difficult to overcome the quest for a power that would be evident in explaining why what we wee around us is the way it is because God cannot be detected, measured by physical means using scientific machinery or chemicals. This has led to the scientific community to rather ignore or prejudice unwarranted views and many ignoring the existence of God while the evidence is in plain sight. In centuries, philosophers have tried to answer the questions regarding the existence mankind and his place in the universe.

Their forward approach is that there can be there no God or a divine creator and thus leaving no room for them to look at things in otherwise. But it is unrealistic to believe one who has come through the process of creation to divine his existence for all are using man’s ability to rediscover and understand themselves and thus concluding that the universe just came from nothing and that live evolved from lifeless matter. Dawkins (1997-2002) says that clearly that there is believe on religion and God.

This would mean that he believes there is both God and religion although he clarifies that religion is not God. Although a biologist a scientist, Dawkins recognizes an understanding of spiritual experience of knowing God that changes a life to one of love and service the same sentiments that are expressed in the holy books or scriptures e. g. Mathew chapter 23 which gives an insight picture of true worship of God and in relationship of Love with God as a person.

Use Dawkins’ logic on religion and you might as well also throw out science just because there are some scientists who fall short of the disciplines of science, abuse science to justify their own selfish agendas and similarly damage and mislead others in the process. Although in general most non scientists and some scientists support the idea that there is God who serves as an explanation as to reason on how things are the way they are, but those still left in the middle feel there should be more to and some sort of explanation regarding most situations and happenings that happen in everyday life.

For instance, the occurrence of accidents, the diseases that has brought so much suffering to people. This are some happenings which puts everything in contention that if indeed there is a God who is described to be having a lot of love and who wouldn’t want to see His people suffer. Such class of people given the happenings would require more explanation as to why unfortunate happenings do happen even after circumscribing in God. If God exists, either is completely unaware of mankind’s existence or doesn’t care one bit about it at all, one way or the other.

And so those worshipping are as misguided as the lowest primitives worshipping a dead stone idol those are some arguments which are aired and for this to be understood, there should be further inner understanding about the existence of God and an explanation on why such happenings do happen the way they do. The explanation here should be both on God and the devil. God Exists In many ways through many explanations from believers, God does exist. If we followed what scientists teach their theories would have led to the world being wound up or evolution did it stop and at what point did it stop?

Those are some questions which are never answered instead research is claimed to be underway to discover what already exists after which it is said to be a breakthrough. While the teachings from the holy books suggest of a live a universe that was designed to the creator likes and love. The Bible (1 Corinthians 12:27) says that we are the Body of Christ and individually Members of it. Speaking the Truth in Love we are to grow up in all ways into the Head into Christ.

In (Ephesians 4:15) scientifically says “That which has been will be again and that which has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the Sun. ” A prove on God’s existence in heaven in judge of us all and the entire world. The very idea of creation suggests that there must be a creator; the idea that there is matter suggests that there must be a Spirit and the presence of changing phenomena suggests there must be an unchanging phenomenon. The very idea of a changing mind and thinking suggests that there must be an unchanging witness and a controller “God” for the same mind and phenomenon.

There had been perfect law even before science that controls people and that makes people live in harmony in the universe it is not a coincidence, there must be a controller for this universe who must be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. What is the multi-verse reply to the fine-tuning argument? Is it a sound reply?? The argument about the existence of some force, some powerful spirit or a might person with powers to change and control the universe exists to date amid the discoveries scientists purport to have made.

The universe seems constant, controlled and recreating yearly, daily, monthly and hourly and it is so doing because of some great and powerful individual who is in control and doing all this to have his creatures and nature survive from perish. With the universe being what it is and being able to be just the way it is leaves a lot to be answered. Others believe that the universe is just what it is and that there shouldn’t be any explanation about it since it would still be this way it is even without there presence. I belong to those who think otherwise.

It has the owner who is omnipotent and omnipresent and he perfectly manipulates it for us to fit in according to his desire and will. Everything is perfectly in place and relevant in a way to serve and have a purpose on the universe. So, how would everything be so perfect? Instead of being in ewe of the perfection we worship him and imagine nothing not us not the universe would be present without him the Perfectionist to have everything just the way He desires and so even when we write about Him we crown the writing denoting Him in capital for nothing but to realize that we are talking about a powerful and worshiped God.

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