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Science, Medicine, and Technology Essay Sample

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Science, Medicine, and Technology Essay Sample

Following a series of experiments, Galilei Galileo established that the motion of bodies universally obeyed laws which determined the speed attained by the objects. A body released to fall from a rest position would accelerate as it fell, leading to progressively increasing speed. The acceleration, and speed of fall, could however be affected by the air resistance the body encounters. Galieo’s studies and findings became useful to humanity. It is on this information thet Isaac Newton built his laws of motion. In particular, Galileo’s findings formed the basis for Newton’s law of inertia in 1687.

Galileo’s findings and theories were not widely accepted at first. His argument that the earth revolved around the sun and not the reverse actually attracted harsh criticism from the church, leading to his arrest. As such, Galilei Galileo’s findings were initially received with much reservation, and only accepted as truth when others could not advance theories strong enough to counter Galileo’s. Crawford Williamson Long was the first medical professional to use ether as an anesthetic during surgery. Prior to the discovery, patients had had to endure painful surgeries and there were no aesthetics.

Long’s innovation was of great importance to humanity. Following the innovation, patients no longer had to endure painful surgeries as with the use of ether. Patients could be operated on while in the state of unconsciousness, which meant less or no pain. The innovation was accepted widely by both medical professionals and the clients or the public which was eager to confirm the applicability of ether as an aesthetic. Although surgeons probably use chemicals different from sulphuric ether as anesthetics in the theatre, Long’s innovation laid the foundation for development of anesthetics.

The creation and use of the atomic bomb in 1945 revolutionized the war. The bomb killed hundreds of thousands when it was first dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 in USA’s attempts to end the Second World War. Atomic bombs have not been and cannot be used to benefit humanity. Behind the innovation was the will and plan to kill and injure thousands of people indiscriminately. While Americans could justify its creation and use as the only means available to end the costly war, the bomb killed and injured people regardless of whether they participated in the war or not.

Not even the young ones or the elderly were spared. The innovation was widely accepted by the Americans who were convinced that it could be used to stop World War II by forcing Japan to surrender. It is important to note that before US dropped the bomb on the Japanese, the latter had bombed Pearl Harbour, occasioning great harm to the Americans. The level of acceptance however started sliding down as people, Americans included, realized how harmful such bombs were. That has however not stopped scientists from developing more powerful nuclear bombs.

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