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Scientific Fiction and Horrors Essay Sample

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Scientific Fiction and Horrors Essay Sample

Science fiction deals with life in the future and before, in other galaxies, or in other fantastic situations, usually employing the recent discoveries of technology and advances in the field of science. It is the ultimate trip to the literary world, not bound by day-to-day realities of what we see around us, and transports the viewer to unknown times and places, and introduces characters stranger than we can imagine. It is also through myth where it explores the threat of aliens from other celestial bodies invading planet Earth, and by use of advanced technology and skills through which man threatens himself with extinction .

Horror movies on the other hand strive to delve in the fears that we possess. Horrors usually visualize the monster within and try to bring out our relationship with it, and explore the human fears to the fullest degree . Science Fiction In science fiction, reasoning is negated and from this aliens are explored where scientists distrust, hate and are afraid of each other. Science fiction then dramatizes our fears about science and eventual technology. In the film Independence Day, the human race is threatened by an invasion of aliens who have more sophisticated technology than we have ever imagined before .

Through science fiction, we are able to overcome implausible scenarios using a variety of devices which free us from our earthly limitations. Not that science fiction is to predict the future but through it the human race is able to conquer fears of monsters perceived or imagined. In Independence Day, the extraterrestrial ship hovering above the Earth is immune to man’s weapons and carries with it high-tech warplanes and weapons that are able to destroy the Earth completely. The movie takes time to establish tension before the test of the aliens’ wrath on the earth.

The mother ship blotting out the American astronauts message they last left on moon is a mockery to man’s achievement. The fear here is that the aliens are a bit smarter than humans, who have to use all wit and cunning to overcome the threat of extermination by these extraterritorial monsters . The first hour of this movie shows humans powerlessness as they come to terms with what causes mass destruction and deaths. Here, conflict has been created by an alien intervention and characters set in to solve the crises.

The attack, when it comes, is beyond the expectations of even the emergency evacuation teams given the scope of destruction the aliens pose to the civilized world. Science fiction is riddled with improbabilities and advanced technologies which, only on second thought, will you dismiss it as juvenile fantasy. However, the action from one to the next and the subplots gives you no chance to delve on second thoughts for the actions are so much engaging . The movie is propelled from the start to the end by tensions and fears of what might happen supposing the human counter-attack fails.

The capture of one of the aliens by Will Smith unravels to humans the type of beings they are dealing with-lethal and smart as depicted to what happens to the doctor dissecting it. The brain capacity of the aliens is by far of higher compared to that of humans. This make the viewers wonder what would happen if such creatures existed? The technology used by the aliens surpasses that of humans by far. Is it possible that other more ‘intelligent creatures’ exist? We have conquered the world with our weapons and through science and technology but our fear has always been the threat of aliens.

All over the world, people have reported to have seen ‘unidentified flying objects’ which to some extent baffle the scientists trying to place them. Whether myth or true, people are said to be captured by these ‘unidentified flying objects’, taken away and returned back to earth but do not have accounts of where or what happened to them. Science fiction identifies these fears and capitalizes on exploiting them maximally . Humans are at the end victorious but not before sustaining huge losses that would take long to surmount. Interpretation of Independence Day

The title of the film suggests eagerness and aggression to ascertain our authority over all. This informs us of the breaking free from the social and political constraints that have centered on masculinity in the last few decades. Facing our fears is the only way we can conquer them and all that is unimaginable as the movie illustrates. It is only by a show of strength that mankind can overcome ultimate diversity. Many people are at times out of touch with reality and unable to get a lead in their lives. Science fiction in this case offers cathartic effects and rays of hope are rekindled in human lives .

Although it may have flaws, there is no harm in the suspension of disbelief and playing out our anxieties and fears while at the same time enjoying ourselves. Horrors Most horror movies prey on our inner most fears and go on fully to exploit on the serene nature of the things we dread most and bring out gratifying scenes. The fear of darkness, deep waters, snakes, dangerous insects and all those things that us spine chills are major targets in most horror movies. The horror movie uses element of darkness and weird voices in heightening of tension which makes the audience shudder and sympathize with the victims in the context .

Through horror films, we come to terms with our worst fears that are ordinary or extraordinary as we visualize ourselves in such horrifying circumstances. Unlike science fiction which deals with aliens from the space, horror films circumvent around the normal fears and with a touch of psychoanalysis revolve around our strengths preying on our weakness to achieve the scare. In the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” guilty conscience is explored on the characters who in their expedition hit a man with a car and failed to report the incident to the police after dumping the body in a river.

You will notice in the movie sudden quietness rules before the man with a hook appears. This is followed by chilling sound tracks that heighten the tension and then the scary figure with a hook. And to the unsuspecting characters, it attacks making the audience scream as if they are also being attacked themselves.

With nowhere to run to and hide, the characters in the movie are vulnerable, and with each ticking of the clock, we empathize with them because the chasing monster is ‘omnipresent’. The mystery that surrounds the whole movie is that the man with a hook is everywhere and haunts and eventually kills all the four friends. Horror films are manifestations of our inner most fears and it is through these movies we come to terms and devise ways of dealing with our deep emotional fears.

Many people do not realize the deep psychological effects horror films have on our fears . It is actually important for us to face and laugh at our own fears as it is through this that we come to terms with issues that scare us. Through our watching, horror movies are able to reach deep in our psyche and separate us from fears, and more so make us laugh at them. Conclusion Although both science fiction and horror movies belong to different genres, they are related in how they help our psyche cope and know our strengths and weaknesses.

Science fiction reels on prospects out of this world and the possibility of the impossible through technology. Science fiction informs us that we can conquer our fears through strength and working for a common cause. Horror on the other hand deals with our deep emotional fears and helps us have a grip on such fears through relation with those exposed to challenging and scary situations. All in all, they both strive in steeling the psyche on the need to work on our weakness and conquer all fears.

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