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Introduction of TOPIC

I conducted a virtual lab that required performing the steps of the scientific method which is a process that scientists use to ask and answer questions about the universe. The steps involved in the scientific method are making an observation, asking a question, developing a hypothesis, making a prediction, performing an experiment, and coming up with a conclusion. In order to perform these steps I duplicated an experiment performed by Francesco Redi which is now referred to as the Redi experiment. In Redi’s time it was believed that life appeared spontaneously from decaying animals and plants. Francesco Redi wanted to prove that life did not arise spontaneously by decaying animals or plants but by insects laying their eggs which hatched while the object was decaying. Redi used meat and flies to prove his theory. Before starting the experiment I first made the observation that

when flies land on meat that is uncovered maggots start to form. Once I made this observation I then

asked the question do maggots come from flies because they only appear on the meat that the flies land on. Since the observation was made and questions were asked I then developed a hypothesis stating that flies leave eggs behind when they land which turn into maggots. I then predicted that if I keep flies off the meat then no maggots will develop.

Once these steps had taken place I started to choose the equipment I needed to conduct the experiment. The experiment involved determining if maggots appeared on meat from it sitting out or if they appeared after flies land on the meat .The equipment used in the experiment included two pieces of meat, two jars, and a stopper for one of the jars. I then placed one piece of meat into each empty jar. I used the stopper to seal one of the jars so that insects were unable to get in and land on the meat. The experiment took place for four days and while one jar was sealed the other was open so flies were able to land on the meat inside. I then collected my results which were the open and closed jars. The open jar with the meat had maggots on the meat. My final step of the scientific method was a conclusion of my results. I interpreted that maggots formed on the meat after the flies landed on it so the growth of maggots are related to flies.

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