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The steps that I used when doing the scientific method tomato plant experiment were observation, I observed that my plants were growing fewer and fewer tomato’s so in turn I then questioned why the plants were bearing less and less. I then decided to examine the plants and after looking closely I realized that the plants needed more water. I think that the tomato plants will bear more tomatoes if I grow five tomato plants and water them every day. The reason I think this will be a good idea is because now I will have two plants growing instead of just one and seeing as plants need water and sun light to grow the more water the better. The more plants that I water; I think the more tomato’s that will produce. After completing my experiment, I seen that my hypothesis is supported, the plants grew more tomatoes when given more water daily.

I live in Texas now but before I moved here I lived in Upstate New York. I have always wanted roses of my own in my front yard but I have never been able to successfully make that happen. Well, shortly after I moved to my last residence in New York I went and bought me three rose bushes red, white and pink. Usually when I plant something it is in a container of some sort so this was my first time really growing something. I read the directions and followed them through step by step but after a couple weeks it seemed like nothing was working. I decided to look up how to grow a rose bush and I found out first of all when you plant a rose bush it has to be planted a certain time of the year not just whenever you want to plant one.

I followed through with planting my bushes the same way that I did the tomato experiment. I am not going to say that I did it on purpose, it just kind of happened that way. The only problem that I came across was I could not get the plants to produce any flowers; I could see them growing just nothing coming off of them so I sat down and tried to think of ways that could actually help make them bloom and the only thing I could think of was more water and sun light. So, I trimmed my little bush I had that was sort of near the area of my roses to help give them more light and then I decided to give them more water than they were getting and after a few weeks I looked out my window and their they were, beautiful pink, white and red roses all over.

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