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Problem Statement
The house of quality for Scott’s Fitness Center was partially completed. Examine the relationships in the roof of the House of Quality.

Root cause of the problem
The root cause of the problem in Scott’s Fitness Center is to identify the most important customer requirements. Also, the relationships inside the matrix doesn’t make any sense.

Good services
Competitive Prices
New Entrant in the market

Health Craze Demand
Importance of Exercise
Daily Routine
Well – established Competition
Rapid Market Growth
Easily Accessible equipment

Quality Improvement
It is desirable to have services with short “time to market” of high quality and at low cost; this leads to a more competitive firm. Listen to the voice of the customer and not to the thoughts of the developer. With the focus of customer, all decisions made during the service design are targeted at the customer. Tools Adopted

The House of Quality
Answers to Question
1. The relationships in the roof of the House of Quality they do make sense in a way that this assessment helps the design activity to ensure the complete and effective design and development of the customer offering and to established concrete goals for the designer and further defines customer requirements. These values need to be measurable, and they can develop them from historical records, designed experiments, or analysis of what the competition is doing 2.

3. The most important technical requirements that should be addressed in designing activities are “Family activities available”, “Equipment available when desired” and “Staff available when needed”. These technical activities Scott’s Fitness Center have to focus on. Among the said activities these three was one of the activities ranked low and these were the most important part of the design.

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