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Base on the website that we created, the master file records of the teacher, staffs and administrators contains information and the owner of the website can add or delete them .The employee profile contains the area and department they are assigned to. Those individuals that related to teacher, staffs and can only be added or deleted by the admin of the website. In our website, we created menus by means of holding the brief history of the school, the program of the school, their school address, the galley of the school pictures due to their school activities, the upcoming events of the school, their institutions and what level of program did they are offering.

It includes online Christian song lyrics that have been normally used by the school for the children that can be show to the public viewers. The admin is limited only to manage; using the program the admin can also have the ability to perform the adding and deleting the records. Printing and relations of money are not affected in this program. The individuals who visit the said website could not ask of what are the upcoming events instead they can contact the staff of the school by emails or phone calls. The program does not contain any registration or getting the updates of their children who are being enrolled. Every people who can visit the website could not also edit the information that has been posted. Regular visitors could not complain about the school activities that were posted or they have a choice to go in the main office of the school to speak the staff of the school.

The study is delimited to a group of nursery, kindergarten and for those children who did not familiar of using the computers. The complete access and use of the website is only for the said organization. It does not include registration system since it is limited for the official admin. The system can only be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

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