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In the three decades after the Berlin Conference in Africa, European powers began to colonize areas in Africa which this event was soon to be called the Scramble for Africa. During the Berlin Conference, many European nations claimed their colonies in Africa, however, this was all done without the presence of African representatives.This clearly results in the violent reactions and actions of the African peoples. European powers gave the illusion of choice to the people and then backed them up with torture and bullets when they resisted. African Nations responded to colonization efforts by holding on to their religious beliefs and through militaristic resistance while other just remained to their destined faith that was set up to them by European Powers. In order to better analyze this issue, it would be helpful to have a document that is a response from African merchants that detailed the possible economic consequences of European Colonization.

Many Africans saw that that their fate had been made as soon as the European powers marched in and began occupying and colonizing their lands so they gave in without a fight at all. The Royal Niger Company, commissioned by the British government to administer and develop the Niger River delta and surrounding areas and many African rule.

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