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How Search for Security Shaped Contemporary Approaches To Social Welfare And Crime Control Policy Essay Sample

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How Search for Security Shaped Contemporary Approaches To Social Welfare And Crime Control Policy Essay Sample

The analysis of social welfare and crime policy focuses on the ways security as a strategy, an ideal and an exercise can highlight the predicaments and connections in between welfare and crime, as well as the uncertainties, pressures and contradictions that are associated with security matters. Security and social welfare are matters of relations between activities of states that can threaten stability and survival of the entire society. Whenever politics of other states come to understanding by a particular state as a threat to its national security, that state has a right to act in whichever way it deems necessary to protect its interests. This was a way to protect national security that signifies power to suspend all problems, and the ability to mobilize all available resources. Through its scarves to state defense, security is the right to act, the power to suspend, and the ability to mobilize (Cochrane 2008).

The article, Critical Policy by Nathan Hughes, focuses on the contemporary approaches to security control policy, social welfare, and crime. Search for the three factors has shaped many contemporary issues in a search for a way to handle security policy, not forgetting social welfare of citizens. Students analyze different thoughts on the notion of security through two scrolls, which see economic change, mass migration, and terrorism as threats to security. These threats are justifications to change the approach of municipal liberties and criminal justice. The book also quickly outlines how scholars have explained these developments; bulk migration, cultural globalization, and changing notions of household and community associated with rapid social changes and new patterns of supplement and exclusion (Hughes, 2011).

Search for security for social welfare approach provides an expectation that opportunities should be there for everyone on an equal basis, regardless of age, gender, class, ethnicity, competition, and access to funds that influence the magnitude to which opportunities are available. Such tensions cause anger, leading the poor toward crime and the ones better off toward punitiveness. The discussion of this book focuses on the respective security organs as highlighted in the book. These organs include; social welfare, crime and the society. In detail, the following analysis explains how each organ helps to shape the contemporary approaches (Cochrane 2008).

Social Welfare

Social factors such as health and disease depict how core dilemmas of a criminal control and welfare policy collide by comparing policies linked to national security and those of individual security. This chapter offers illustrations and explanations to understand how the security policy should be formulated. It should respect the right to work, the power to suspend, and the capacity to mobilize. The authors do highlight the tensions involving human and national security in a universal level and analogous to individual welfare and crime control from national and neighborhood levels. Students learn that pursuit of human security may perhaps enhance national safety measures. Thus, human security helps military intervention in a way. Security has shaped social welfare in several aspects as understood from the book (Hughes, 2011).

Observation is a multi-faceted regular practice utilized to screen the conduct and exercises of individuals through CCTV. Observation is dependent upon the requirement and request to ‘watch over’ and ‘watch out for’. Social welfare is about how individuals, groups and foundations in the public arena make a move to administer social prosperity, give social help and fight social imbalances through social incorporation.

Crime Control

All sorts of everyday social situations and cultural phenomena have turned out to be associated with security, as well as crime and welfare. Association of daily activity situations with a danger to security went above all the values central to liberal democracies. This makes it stay upright to the leading of collective priorities, such that security became the predominant principle of social firm. Research on how security as a predominant ordering principle of social life does shape ways in which people correlate. Cultural understandings regarding safety and order, or the individual and collective decision making could be an urgent matter. The spread of security across the world could be remedied through the development of curricula where the study of security around academic disciplines is regarded vital.

It is sensible to apply equity in all security frameworks with an aim of elevating poor institutions which might correct a high cost in monetary, political, and social capital. Many countries are rich and can bear tremendous revisions of their complex security policies, despite the fact that the process is likely to consume a lot of time and resources. In any case amendments are required; expenses are paid by the state and nearby governments. This makes the search for security across nations easier. It also promotes cooperation among nations. As nations search for security, they also find a way of formulating foreign policies which can transform people’s lives through improving their welfare. All the money used on penitentiaries, prisons and group redresses, are money that states and neighborhoods could have used to improve the social welfare of their citizens. This means that the process is quite expensive and deprives states a chance to address other needs of their societies. All the same, security is paramount regardless of the amount it takes to maintain. All bonus money used on jails, correctional facilities and group corrections, is money that states and neighborhoods can commit to other pressing requirements such as education, which has a capacity to change lives of many families (Cochrane 2008).

Additionally, the government does not spread imprisonment expenses uniformly over the populace; they are borne excessively by a few citizens. However, crime is becoming rampant overtime, which calls for more spending in imprisonment. This calls for an increase in taxation, prompting a change in policy formulation. A new social welfare policy will have to be formulated to accommodate the changing demands of the society. The search of security further complicates the process of formulating crime control policy.

Investment in crime control is associates with misfortunes such as restorative liabilities, time lost from work, and so on. This means that crime control policy has a great impact on social policies. The policy ought to be in line with the social policies. It is not clear how economists’ activities adapt to crime expenses. This can help policymakers, elite nationals make the challenging political, and ethical exchange offs intrinsic in choosing what number of individuals to bolt up to take down the wrongdoing rate.

Policy Control

From the book, social policies are defined those guidelines, procedures, and courses associated with action established in law, administrative code, and agency regulation that affect an individual’s social well-being. Thus, people may regard duty, transportation, public health, the environmental, and social security statutes, and the implementation of codes and regulations that directly affect individual well-being as social policies. Social policy is clearly associated with economic policy and your political process. It argues how the political economy of the society determines its societal policies. Social welfare insurance policy, in turn, is a subset or one part of social policy. Therefore, people may regard social welfare policies as those policies that influence the distribution of sources.

Social welfare policy compared to social policy, is broader, and the public insurance policy, which is even broader, is concerned mainly with your transfer payments. This is either through authorities’ agencies, voluntary nonprofit agencies or profit making organizations. This is the range of providers included under social welfare rocks. Public social welfare policy could be the mechanism used by governing bodies to distribute limited sources. Four-office space, often spoken, underlies this thought of societal survival insurance policy.


The above investigation shows a clear understanding of security as depicted in the whole script of the book considering the two chapters. Social welfare, crime control and policy do shape security in a nationwide point of view to ensure better or worse security depending on the approach taken. This therefore, gives a detailed explanation of how security shapes the development of the contemporary issues such as social welfare, and social insurance.


  • Nathan H. (2009), Critical Social Policy New Zealand, Sage Journals, 44(2), 289-292.
  • Cochrane A. and Deborah T.( 2008)The search for security. Maidenhead, E-book, England: Open University.

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