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Also it is based on the night of the car crash that Jo and Judy have. The scene is reinforcing the horrors of drink driving. The scene is supposed to produce “a cartoon style of presentation exaggerating what they say with larger than life mimes and vocal sound effects.”

The scene is split into three sections and this is how we rehearsed it, the first section being Jo and Judy at the gym.

The second section is the introduction and duologue of Bob and Nob (Two typical drunk young men attempting to get Jo and Judy).

The third section in the scene is where Jo and Judy go to the “local wine bar” and meet Bob and Nob.

The two girls playing Jo and Judy went and rehearsed the first section of the scene, whilst the two men playing Bob and Nob went elsewhere to discuss and rehearse Section two , finally they all got together to rehearse the final section of scene one.

When rehearsing we did use the performance space because this, we felt, would make the performance a lot easier.

In the box below I have drawn the set that I would have designed if I had the facilities and the money:

When rehearsing we tried to include various drama conventions because the scene is aimed to be a big, stylised, strange opening of the play.

We included freeze frames when Bob and Nob are speaking, centre stage, Jo and Judy perform various freeze frames to depict their personalities and they show the putting on of make-up etc in these freeze frames.

We tried to mark the moment when the scene changes from a long and humorous duologue from Bob and Nob, to a less stylised meeting of Jo, Judy, Bob and Nob. At this point of change, Bob and Nob who have been standing up on a large, square, wooden block in the middle of the stage, jump down at the same time to cause a large “bang” noise. Following this they freeze for a five second period and then carry on to start the final section of the first scene.

In this scene I took the part of Bob. Bob is a common, stereotypical “lad” out on a Friday night trying to pick up a girl. As he is portrayed as a very over the top, cartoon type character, he does not show many heartfelt feelings to the audience, he is a very rude and crude person. As this character is a typical man from the town who is out to have a good time I would expect him to be dressed in a cap, some jeans, a white adidas type t-shirt and very white trainers.

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