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Seinfeld and Sexual Harassment Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. No, I don’t think Mr. Mackenzie’s actions constituted of harassment. I don’t think this because I think he was innocently telling his coworker something that he saw on TV that he found to be humorous. I really think Ms. Best took the situation way too far. I feel that if the language really did bother her so much, she could have simply told him that although the skit in the show may have been funny, she doesn’t think that the conversation is office appropriate because of the language that the skit entails. 2. No, I don’t think that the Miller Brewing Company’s termination of Mr. Mackenzie was justified. I don’t feel this way m

ainly because I don’t agree with why he was terminated. I think the company jumped the gun way too

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quickly because in my opinion, what he did was not sexual harassment. Even though the joke of the skit that he was describing did have inappropriate words, Mr. Mackenzie never targeted it toward Ms. Best in a way that he would want her to feel uncomfortable.

Also, the company said that Mr. Mackenzie’s work has been slacking and he wasn’t doing the job at the most optimal level and that those reasons also had a factor in their decision along with Ms. Best’s feelings. I think that is blasphemy because if Mr. Mackenzie were really doing so poorly at work, this wouldn’t have been the first time he heard about it. I am sure his bosses would have had a meeting with him about how he has been working, rather than taking corrective action as the first warning. 3. I think the jury’s decision regarding Mr. Mackenzie being a victim rather than an assaulter is 100% correct. I think he deserves to be looked at that way, and also deserves all that money to compensate him for the trouble Ms. Best caused him by wrongfully involving HR, and for the trouble the company caused him by firing him without appropriate reason.

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