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Selection Structures Essay Sample

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Selection Structures Essay Sample

ures also let the program to pick out a specific action depending on the input of the user or other procedures. There are many different kinds of selection structures which can be put into operation, those are the IF selection statement, the IF ELSE selection statement as well as switch selection statement. This document will try to describe selection structure as well as its various kinds and will also provide an actual life situation in pseudo code. Selection Control Structure Computer software use selection structures to select from a number of activities or procedures. These procedures normally have a result of right or wrong. Whenever a program reads as right the process will be forwarded to the output which allows it to be right and the other way round for wrong procedures. With computers having the capability to fix problems, make decisions and follow path with the help of a program it gets rid of several human mistakes. The IF selection statement structure is utilized when theres a sole or a variety of inputs to be carried out to determine if the situation is right or wrong.

In case a procedure is posted like wrong the IF else statement is performed and the wrong result is passed over and the computer system continues executing to another selection structure. The IF statement structure additionally compares 2 values with relational operators less than greater than greater than or equal to less than or equal to equal to not equal to  These are only some examples of inputs of values to generate a right or wrong result. The switch selection structure lets users to determine from several alternatives. Switch selection structure has the operators case as well as default. The switch statement operates by evaluating variable values or expressions in a group of parentheses having the values particular to every case. An actual situation to be used to describe selection structure is seen in the army base flag football inventory system. The inventory administrator is attempting to purchase materials from their key vendor (Phoenix Supply) however has got no idea if the vendor will have what is required. Using the IF statement the inventory administrator could see if Phoenix Supply is having the required materials or if she or he must get in touch with the backup vendor for materials.

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